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Hello Beverly Hills fans! I’m glad you’re with me as we are at a fork in the road. We have ‘group A’  that doesn’t want to be associated with a Ponzi Scheme or ‘group B’ who is AOK with being associated with these shenanigans – as that’s just what friends do. So where would you stand? Well let’s find out….

Sutton, who is head of many charity organizations, isn’t buying what Erika is selling, and all I have to say is…Bravo Sutton! While some may call Sutton a fair weather friend, I applaud her for trusting her gut and admitting she will eat crow if she is wrong. Rinna is team Erika all the way, and doesn’t give a sh*t if she didn’t back her friend Denise, she has Ericka’s back even if it makes her look like a hypocrite. The rest of the ladies admit that Erika’s story doesn’t seem clean and don’t want their blind support of Erika equivalating to them supporting stealing from orphans and widows. Considering that none of Erika’s stories seem to be consistent I would say they are wise to be skeptical.

The ladies are meeting at Kyle’s Christmas dinner to confront Erika, and as an added bonus, Teddi is coming as well. Don’t get too excited all at once about this special guest. The ladies arrive looking festive; however the real scene stealer is Erika who arrives last as you know producers want her to make her grand entrance. Erika is visibly nervous; however all of the ladies are acting as if they never saw the L.A. Times article and everything is peachy keen (or should I say Hunky Dory?) Rinna has rounded up the group to remind everyone that everyone is innocent until proven guilty; however I want to know where that sentiment was with LVP and Denise Richards. Am I missing something here?!?

Kyle’s Christmas dinner has me nostalgic for the holidays; however overshadowing the food and decor is the accusation that the Giardi’s funded their lifestyle with money that should have gone to victims. After sitting down, Erika is quickly put into the spotlight and thankfully Sutton and Garcelle are the only ones with balls who can ask the hard questions. Erika quickly finds out that the ladies met behind her back after Dorit claims to be sympathetic until Garcelle points out that she is singing a different tune than the night before. Rinna proves that she isn’t loyal to anyone but Erika as she throws Sutton under the bus (who she brought into this group) and I have to wonder why Rinna is so bllindly loyal to Erika Girardi. All I have to say is that this group of women turn into Sherlock Holmes when is comes to selling a story to Radar Online or a consenting adult affair, but commit a federal crime and everyone is suddently simpatico. Are any other viewers frustrated here?!?

Erika is her usual stoic self and we don’t learn anything new other than her claims that she had no access to the LLC’s in her name. As Sutton said, if the LLC is in your name it is your responsibility to be aware of what is going in and out. You can’t play stupid and smart at the same time. After Garcelle shares a very personal story Erika turns the table saying that Tom only didn’t pay the victims due to his mental decline; however that doesn’t line up with the fact that it is alleged that the firm has been operating as a Ponzi Scheme for at least twenty years. Thank goodness for Kathy Hilton who admits that claims all the questions are only good practice for Erika. Gracias por todo Kathy!

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on this episode? Do you think the ladies were fair with Erika?

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