RHONY Recap: Bitching and Ramoning

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I know RHONY is at an all time low, but we have RHOBH tomorrow so stay with me as we recap what goes down in the Big Apple tonight.

We start out with Ramona being Ramona and struggling to adjust to our ever changing society while fraternizing with the staff. Ramona would rather graze on snacks in the kitchen than have a serious discussion with a diverse dinner crowd at Black Shabbat. This dinner is one of the hottest messes in housewives history and that is saying something as we’ve seen some dinner parties from hell (Allison the psychic anyone?) I think that the worst thing about this dinner is that is was supposed to be a religious, inclusive dinner and no one seems to have an ounce of respect for the hostess or the night.

Ramona returns to the table just in time for Sonja to lose her damn mind after being cut off for talking wayyy too long about God knows what. Sonjarita needs to lay off the tequila as she rambles on about something that is going nowhere and when Ramona interjects, she loses her mind screaming at Ramona and banging on the table Gorga style. Sonja is clearly going through something internally as her reaction does not fit the crime as she should have just wrapped up and moved on to the next dinner guest. Instead, she yells about Ramona, yachts and whatever else she can think of, leaving everyone speechless.

Eboni makes an executive decision to put the white people at the table on probation and let’s the other dinner guests talk. Eboni’s dinner guest  reveals that she gave birth early and due to her being a black woman wasn’t given the medical attention that she needed. Ramona digs a hole all the way to China by comparing her story to her giving birth to Avery, then follows up by asking how much longer she needs to stay. At thig point I bet Eboni wishes she invited Bershaun over her white friends now. #JustSaying.

The next day, Luann goes over to Ramona’s for eggs (unfortunately not a la franceis) and is soon made aware that Ramona has zero self awareness. Ramona uses the oldest trick in the book and blames her behavior on drinking too much, and all I have to say is that no one is buying it. When it comes to turtle time Ramona is ready to stay all night but give her any sort of tough conversation and she heads for the hills. Eboni is heading to Sonja’s townhouse to discuss the mess that was black Shabbat, and apparently we didn’t even see the worst part which was Sonja peeing in the hostess’ driveway. Love Sonja – but has she no shame? If I peed in the hostess’ driveway I would be mortified but Sonja just waves it off as if it’s to be expected.

One person who is fighting the good fight is Luann who is using her past mistakes to help others by teaming with Fortune Society. Lu helps women in the prison system integrate back into society as the odds are stacked against them. I admire Luann for her work as she seems to be self aware that her privilege and money made her arrest experience vastly different than the other women who have been in prison. Unfortunately she made the mistake of inviting Ramona as Ramona is her normal rude self and can’t just listen to someone else’s story without constantly interjecting. The stories are moving but Ramona then decides it’s appropriate to hint that she has a friend (Sonja) that needs help. Instead of letting these women have the spotlight as they should, Ramona turns the conversation to Sonja and her drinking. I admire the women for speaking out and wish for just once Ramona could make the situation not about her (or her best friend.)

Also fighting the good fight is Eboni who won’t let up on finding her biological family despite having recent setbacks. Eboni used Ancestry DNA and is given the news that it was successful as they were able to narrow her father to one of three men, all which are still alive. Eboni is overcome with emotion, not just at the prospect of finding her father but also finding out the possibility that she may have two half sisters. It’s an emotional scene to watch and I’m happy that Eboni is finally on the track to finding such a huge part of her life.

At least we ended on a high note to this disaster of an episode!

RHONY airs Tuesday’s on Bravo.

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