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See Tom Girardi’s La Quinta House – Plus, did it Really Sell in 2018??

The questions seem coming for Tom and Erika Girardi as nothing is crystal clear or cut and dry when it comes to this couple.

As the ladies are currently in La Quinta, Tom Girardi’s Palm Springs house naturally came up and like many other things – it was confusing. Erika stated that she had no idea where the house was, the address and had never even seen it (making her think there could be another woman living there.) To the average person this is beyond odd; however when it comes to the Girardi divorce, it’s just another day in the office. After Erika admitted that she wanted to see the house, Kyle did some digging and found out that the house was allegedly sold in 2018 – much to the shock of Erika.

While Tom selling things behind the scenes wouldn’t be entirely out of the question, According to the BravoBoneCollector Instagram Page, things may be even more complicated than we thought. In an Instagram Stories, the page shared: “Not sure where the ladies got the idea that the house had been sold because Tom still owns the house and the bankruptcy trustee is trying to sell it along with Tom’s Pasadena home.” To complicate things further, the house is allegedly “not in Tom’s name. It is owned by G&L Aviation.” Considering Erika also thought they owned their private plane, only to find out it was never in their name I think it’s very believable that Tom Girardi is a liar liar pants on fire regarding a lot of things in his life.

It’s really a shame that Erika never got to use the house as it is a gorgeous desert oasis. Considering that one of her closest friends, Kyle Richards, often goes to the desert to getaway, I’m shocked she’s never pushed Tom to let her use the house. Erika did state that she asked Tom about their La Quinta property a few times but he would just brush her off. Considering Erika comes off as such a strong presence, I’m surprised she would just let it go. You can get a sneak peek at the Girardi’s Palm Springs home in the photos below:


Like many other things, nothing about the Girardi’s divorce or life makes much sense. I’m loving that the Bravo detectives never seem to sleep and are always digging up new findings.

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Thoughts on the Girardi’s La Quinta mystery?

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