Million Dollar Listing’s Tyler Whitman Explains why he Got Sober after Watching himself on the Show!

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While reality TV star Tyler Whitman is known for excessive drinking, sometimes it can lead reality stars to turn sober. Million Dollar Listing’s New York Tyler Whitman spoke out to PageSix about how watching himself on television led to his decision to lead a sober lifestyle. Per Tyler: “I know when I was struggling and when I wasn’t on the show, and for me, there is such a clear difference. It was basically everything that was pre-pandemic were my darkest days with alcohol. There were times that the producers and nobody that I was filming with knew but where I knew I was very drunk for the actual scenes, and it was hard for me to watch that.” After seeing himself feud with a fellow realtor, knowing that he was drunk in that scene, Tyler admitted that he was mortified with what he saw: “I was like, ‘Oh God.’ I remember I was so nervous before that, and I was drinking, and I was like, ‘That is such like a drunk, you know, immature Tyler reaction.’ And then now I see myself, you know, in sobriety, I’m so much more grounded. I’m more patient. I’m more confident. I have what I call sober reactions, which is where I stand up for myself, but with dignity and respect.” After seeing a difference with his reactions sober vs. drunk Tyler stated “I was like, ‘That’s who I want to be in this world. Like, that’s the life I want to live.’ That’s been such a gift of this show for me, personally.” Fortunately for Tyler, Fredrick Eklund (fellow MDLNY star) also went sober and the two check in with each other on their sobriety: “Frederik also quit drinking, and he announced it, I guess, probably a similar time to when I did, and neither of us knew that each other had quit drinking until we posted it.” “It’s definitely been nice to share that with him.” Tyler went on to say that it took him awhile to see that he had a problem as the problem wasn’t obvious to everyone around him: ” I was still showing up for work. I wasn’t mean. And so I was kind of just getting away with it. And I think because of that, I wasn’t putting a huge effort into fixing this problem that I was very aware of. I was very aware of it. But it was like my dirty little secret.” Usually reality TV worsens drinking habits so it’s refreshing to see someone take a step back, evaluate, then make healthier decisions.

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Tyler Whitman decided to lead a sober lifestyle after watching himself on television and realizing the negative impact of excessive drinking on his behavior. He noticed a clear difference between his pre-pandemic days, filled with alcohol-induced darkness, and his sober self. Seeing himself drunk during a feud with a fellow realtor on the show mortified him, prompting him to make a change.

 After becoming sober, Tyler Whitman noticed significant changes in his reactions. He became more grounded, patient, confident, and started having what he calls “sober reactions.” These reactions involve standing up for himself with dignity and respect. He realized that this was the person he wanted to be and the life he wanted to live.

Yes, Tyler Whitman found support in fellow Million Dollar Listing’s New York star, Fredrick Eklund. Both Tyler and Fredrick quit drinking around the same time, without knowing about each other’s decision until they announced it publicly. They now check in with each other on their sobriety, providing a source of encouragement and understanding.

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