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Things are scary in Salem, and it has nothing to do with the witch trials.

Bershaun is continuing her trend of not gelling with the group and it ends up with Sonja breaking the fire extinguisher glass, resulting in the ladies trying to pull an intervention on Lady Morgan. Before the big showdown Ramona talks to her plus one Bershaun and Bershaun tries to tell her side of the story. Ramona hears both sides and agrees that Sonja acts irresponsibly when drinking while Bershaun agrees that she needs to apologize to the remainder of the group.

Ramona continues to make her rounds and goes to talk to Sonja who blames her outburst on cheap red wine (love Sonja but let’s not ignore the fact that this is the first time she’s lost her marbles.) The ladies meet for lunch and Bershaun gives a tearful apology which comes off as sincere and is well received with the group. Bershaun admits that she acted familiar with a group that she wasn’t familiar with, and this group is difficult to fit into so I’m hoping these ladies cut her some slack. Bershaun and Sonja discuss their issues and after Sonja says her piece and Bershaun apologizes the ladies hug it out and decide to move on. Loving it!

As much as we would love to sit here and continue to hug and forget, these ladies have a séance to attend and the dead doesn’t wait for anyone. I don’t know if it’s because these ladies are in a spooky setting but the fashion with the group has gone downhill and is downright frightening. The theme seems to be spooky hooker with a gothic twist. The ladies loosen up before the séance with a martini and the group feel that it’s the appropriate time to pull her aside about her split personality that comes out after a few drinks. Leah starts out the conversation by stating to Sonja that drinking isn’t leading her to any positive place. Lu and Leah should know so they make sure they preface it by stating that both of them are in no place to judge. Shockingly Sonja seems to take it pretty well at first; however gets defensive quickly when the ladies aren’t buying that she only drinks in a group.

Sonja can’t be bothered with talks of sobriety and shakes it off, gets herself a drink and proceeds to the séance. Bershaun is told she will one day be the GOAT, Leah is visited by her skeptical grandmother and told to continue studying Judaism, Eboni is being watched by her proud grandmother and Sonja connects with her father. Call me a skeptic but doesn’t it seem like this woman may have done some googling on recent events in these ladies’ lives beforehand? Sonja’s drinking once again is put in the spotlight as it is revealed that her father also had a drinking problem which hit’s her pretty hard considering what just went down. Ramona is up next and her younger brother comes through and it’s incredibly painful to watch. Ramona reveals that she tried to help him countless times; however ended up pushing him away when it was apparent she couldn’t help him.

This was an intense episode and the only comic relief we got was Leah wearing her dress backwards. Thank goodness for that!

RHONY airs Tuesday’s on Bravo.

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