RHOBH Recap: A Pretty Meltdown!

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Things are about to go from a Pretty Mess for Ms. Erika Jayne to just plain messy.

Erika continues to see her name in the headlines; however these days it’s a little more Roxy Hart esque than her pop star alter ego. But first, we have to discuss the elephant in the room: The ugly leather pants. After Sutton’s iconic meltdown, the southern belle composes herself and returns just in time to apologize for her pant diss; however things escalate quickly as her apology is met with an assessment that she is an ‘awkward and inappropriate, jealous person.’ We take some baby steps by Crystal apologizing for calling Sutton ‘manic’ after hearing about her father’s tragic death, so let’s take what we can get and leave the word ‘violated’ in the vault.

Unfortunately the good vibes end there as Kathy, Kyle and Dorit all test positive for Covid and us fans are now watching home footage which may lack in cinematography, but is still packed with drama. The Girardi’s are being sued for fraud and embezzlement and the ladies are shockingly supporting Erika without questioning her. I understand that Erika is innocent until proven guilty, but in this group all you need is an allegation and they will turn on you on a dime (LVP and Denise anyone?) Erika is playing dumb and sticking to her story and as of now is maintaining her ice queen mentality. Rinna and Kyle promise to stick by her and state that they know the true Erika Girardi, and all I have to ask is don’t they remember this is also the same woman who bragged about spending $40K a month on her look? Even I was curious how a lawyer could continue to make so much money year after year.

Rinna stops by to support her bestie (yes, the same Rinna who recently stated that she doesn’t blindly support her friends) and is joined by Crystal. I said it before, but I’m still shocked that the ladies so blindly support Erika without questioning anything. If I were part of this group I would at least be giving a side eye. Erika takes it upon herself to warn the other ladies not to trust their men and to keep an eye on that bank statement as she didn’t and it did not end pretty for her. In her confessional, Ms. Jayne claims that Tom was vicious and dismissive their entire marriage, so I have to ask (as none of these ladies will.) If he was so awful for 22 years why did she stay so long while bragging that her marriage was great? Can we hold out hope that Andy Cohen will ask the hard questions at the reunion?

We get some comic relief (finally) as the fabulous Ms. Kathy Hilton graces our screen with Sue the dog. Kathy is working on Christmas crafts and it’s everything you would expect:, random wreaths with creepy baby dolls peppered in. Kyle can’t just sit and appreciate fine art, as she breaks down about the stresses of parenting during Covid. Despite her stress she know she has it better than Erika, which leads us to Kathy’s iconic line that everyone needs to show their cards in the poker game of life. Preach Kathy!

After seeing her sister, Kyle meets up with Erika for some fresh air which turns to water works real quick. Erika is definitely drowning in the stress and lawsuits, and I do believe her when she says she never saw her life ending up like this.  Between tears, Erika claims that she has a story to tell but can’t say anything because it’s not the right time. I’m sure it’s for legal reasons, but if she’s got something to say hopefully she can speak up soon as it’s not looking good.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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