RHONY Recap: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Bored

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Things are getting witchy in New York (and I’m not talking about the housewives.)

We are still in Salem, and if you were trying to imagine what Leah planning a trip would be like, it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect. It’s random, raunchy and a little bit weird.

Unfortunately thinks are spooky, but not in a supernatural way. The ladies are divided as to whether Eboni talks race and politics too much or if the other ladies just can’t shake their UES white fragility. I think it’s a bit of both, but as a viewer, this constant discourse is not fun to watch.

Things go from down to a downer as Eboni reveals that her grandmother passed away that morning, and while it’s very sad, Leah’s over the top sobbing confuses the entire table. Leah and Eboni decide to get tattoos in honor of their grandmothers, and it turns into a drunken Sonja arguing with Bershaun about her confusing view points on permanent ink. When it comes to tattoos, I will say that their tattoos turn out to be two of the classier ones that I’ve seen, which seems to satisfy the more mature ladies in the group that don’t like ink.

The next morning, the ladies continue on their education of America’s not so proud moments to learn more about the Salem witch trials. They take a tour of pioneer Salem, traditional garb and all, and appreciate the fact that they were born in the era of Louis Vuitton, private jets and champagne. Speaking of alcohol, Leah and Eboni quietly whisper about Sonja and her love for the drink and both agree that she is willing to blame her behavior on water pills, vitamins, divorce, bankruptcy and basically everything but alcohol.

The ladies stop for an Italian dinner (that will naturally include booze) however Leah and Lu stay on their best behavior by ordering soft drinks. Bershaun thought she was signing up for a fun girls weeks and is underwhelmed and calls the ladies out for not living up to their reputation. The other ladies aren’t as insulted at the “bored” comment as much as calling them grandmothers, as there is nothing worse in this group than being referred to as an old lady. I think these ladies are way too hard on Bershaun (who personally I like) as she can’t win with them. If she tries to have fun the other ladies think it’s too much and if she tries to get personal they call her boring. Sonja seems to take her comments the worse and the two get into a yelling match, which ends with Bershaun calling Sonja a clown.

Ramona takes Bershaun side which shocks the other women, and I do understand where Ramona is coming from. Ramona invited Bershaun on the trip and as she doesn’t know any of the other ladies, I understand her wanting to support her. Ramona’s attempt to dance on a table isn’t enough to salvage the evening, as the other women aren’t jiving with Bershaun. I have to say, in housewives history calling people ‘boring’ and a ‘clown’ seem pretty tame to the feuds we’ve seen. Am I the only one that feels a little bad for Bershaun or do I need to re-watch that scene?

The ladies end the evening by drinking in a library environment and the ladies continue to come hard for Bershaun. Just when I was liking her she throws her only ally under the bus to save her reputation with this group. I think the problem is Bershaun really just wants to fit in with this group and is trying to fit in any way she can. I can be sympathetic towards her as it’s not an easy group to walk into; however at the end of the day maybe the reason it’s so hard to fit into is that as fans we all can agree this cast isn’t working and needs a shakeup.

RHONY airs Tuesday’s on Bravo.

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