Luann de Lesseps Apologizes To Her Daughter Victoria For Her Past Drunken Behavior and ‘Putting Her Through Hell’

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Luann de Lesseps is making amends to her family for the havoc and pain her longtime drinking caused them.

On a recent episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Luann had a heart-to-heart with her 26-year-old daughter Victoria Lesseps.

During their chat, Luann apologized to Victoria for the pain her drunken behavior caused her.

“Well, listen, I put you through so much hell for a long time, so I just want to say I’m sorry my love,” a teary-eyed Luann said. “I made so many mistakes. I love you so much.”

Victoria confessed that “it’s a gift” her mom no longer drinks before adding that it’s all she wanted as a kid.

“You’re a lot better, to say the least,” Victoria said. “You’re just my mom … when I was younger, I knew you as this, and then there was that period … This is all I wanted from you as a kid. I wanted you to be honest and acknowledge the insanity and say you’re sorry.”

She added that Luann has become more like her “true self” since becoming sober.

Luann then praised her daughter for not drinking in over a year. She admitted she’s proud of her daughter, noting that she’s “very grown-up for getting it at this age. It’s impressive, really.”

The Countess also admitted that her drinking might stem from a family history of alcohol abuse.

“Those years when I was growing up when I was your age, you know dealing with my dad who had a drinking problem and the same time from 8 to 18, it’s parallel. I’m starting to connect the dots on so many things I did. I mean, my father’s the river that runs through my life that I’m realizing now, like, how it affected me my whole life,” she explained.

Luann’s issues with drinking first came to light in December 2017 when she was arrested for disorderly intoxication in Palm Beach, FL.

She was then placed on probation and ordered to stop drinking. To do so, Lu checked into rehab for the first time several days after her arrest. She re-entered rehab for the second time in July 2018.

During her probation, Luann was accused of not taking the process seriously after having a major slip up. In 2019, she admitted to having “two glasses of mimosas after a performance she had in Chicago.” As a result, she was ordered to court, taken into custody, and later released.

After completing her probation, Luann began drinking again in 2020. She later stopped drinking and recommitted to her sobriety.

In May 2021, Luann told Page Six that maintaining her sobriety is not easy for her, explaining, “I’m not perfect. God knows during COVID, it was an issue for me, and I’m very honest about it, sometimes too honest because I look at it and I go, ‘That’s too much information.’ But I’m hoping that by being honest about it, that I can help somebody that says, ‘You know what? Oh my God, I’m drinking too much too’ or ‘I’m like blacking out when I drink, and I don’t remember’ and that’s when it starts to be a problem.”

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Source: Page Six 

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