RHOBH Recap: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Leather Pants

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Things are about to turn ugly in Beverly Hills (and I’m not just talking about Crystal’s leather pants).

We start with Erika Jayne try to convince all of us that she is happy with her lifestyle downgrade and it was 100% her choice (not because she knew that the chips were about to hit the fan.) Erika meets with Crystal and Kathy to discuss her newfound independence and reveals that she is doing her own laundry (aka giving us ‘average citizen, normal income realness.’) While Erika does seem lighter and happier after leaving Tom, I am skeptical that it’s not just happiness at being single, but rather happiness that she left before all the legal drama went down.

Over at Kyle’s, it’s Christmas in July and we get all of the presents as Kathy brought her bag full of gifts. Would it be any surprise to any of us that Kathy travels with an air mister, pedicure samples and carpet squares? #QueenKathy. Across town, Rinna and Sutton are visiting Erika and in Rinna’s eyes, Erika can do no wrong as she can’t stop gushing about her fabulous life. We all know if this was Denise or LVP downgrading Rinna would be full of snarky remarks; however  there is something about Erika that Rinna just can’t quit. The discussion turns to Sutton and Crystal’s drama and I have to agree with Sutton that if Crystal just admitted that she may have chosen the wrong word, this ridiculousness feud would be squashed once and for all.

At Garcelle’s, her son is learning Japanese and color me impressed as that’s not an easy language to learn. Garcelle is every mom in this country as she is trying to prepare dinner as her son learns a foreign language and her other teenage son sulks in the corner. Hang in there Garcelle – you got this! Meanwhile, Harry Hamlin is cooking up dinner of his own, as during quarantine he has turned into the male version of Martha Stewart and is now serving his own farm to table cuisine. It’s clear that Rinna is not the hostess with the mostess, as that award goes to Harry effin Hamlin as Rinna’s contribution seems to be showing up in sweats while Harry slaves over the hot stove.

Harry’s cute noche bella is upon us (heels and all) however quickly turns sour when Sutton is greeted as ‘Tomisina’ (aka peeping Tom.) We all know any southern belle would be mortified that her reputation proceeded her, and Sutton is no different. The drama turns to Amelia and Scott Disick and once again – I feel like Rinna is loving this. In an actresses’ world no press is bad press (and it links her to the Kardashians) so I don’t think it’s as bad as Rinna wants to pretend she thinks it is. Luckily, the conversation is light and not too deep and we are interrupted by a thoughtful surprise birthday cake for Garcelle. It’s a temporarily olive branch between herself and Rinna and we see a glimmer of hope that their friendship may survive. It’s a sweet scene, minus the fact that Ms. Southern Etiquette herself forgot to bring a gift for Garcelle which mortifies her. Sutton is close to tears and I do think it’s a combination of being embarrassed for not bringing a gift and the whole ongoing ‘Peeping Tom’ joke at her expense.

Sutton breaks down at the bar (which is not her best look) as she cries into a giant bottle of vodka begging for someone to throw her a bone. Crystal comes over which escalates the entire scenario and we finally get her iconic line involving Crystal’s ugly leather pants.

And that’s that ladies and gents.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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