RHONY Recap: The Salem Bitch Trials

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I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th! We’re back in NYC but are making a pit stop in Salem for some bewitching activities. Intrigued? Let’s begin. Unfortunately we are still talking about the presidential election, and between reliving it on this show and RHOBH – I’m over it. To prevent the ladies from thinking about the election, Leah is planning a leather and latex trip to Salem ,because that makes all the sense in the world right? Nothing says let’s escape politics by going to the place where innocent civilians were killed for being accused of witchcraft. I would maybe suggest a spa day, but to each their own! Across town, Ramona is meeting her brand new friend Bershan who is buckling up for the bitch witch trip and I have to wonder if she knows what she is getting herself into. Eboni was excited to have another woman of color in the group; however wasn’t impressed when Bershan wanted to stop Eboni from discussing race and instead wanted to focus on the similarities between the ladies.  I know Eboni had good intentions; however her history lesson in Harlem was a damper on the evening.  I think having the ladies experience the music, food and drinks that make Harlem so special would have been received. Considering the ladies are now going to the place where women threw each other the bus to save their own skin – I’m wondering if this trip is really a good idea. Before their bewitching pilgrimage , Sonja meets with Eboni’s matchmaker as she is looking for love, and Luann’s guitar player isn’t going to do it. When it comes down to is, Sonja and Erika Jayne need the same matchmaker as they both need a man with deep, deep pockets, and if he has that, the rest will follow. Sonja admits that she isn’t playing around and is looking for serious love as she can see herself getting married again. If Bethenny can get a Bravo wedding spinoff, maybe next we will be graced with ‘Sonja getting married?’  The trip is finally upon us and since Leah is hosting we have to make sure the travel accommodations are as rock star as possible (aka it resembles an 80’s hair band tour bus.) Between talk of vibrators, we learn a lot about Bershan and from what I hear about her so far – I like. Bershan received devastating news 13 years ago about advanced stage breast cancer and prayed to God that she could  live so that she could be a champion for others. I love her energy and fearlessness after beating this awful disease, and I can really see that it has impacted her for the better. The ladies arrive at their haunted hotel in Salem and quickly change into their latex and lace, and you know the locals are shaking their heads at the ridiculous tourists from the city. The highlight of this entire scene is Sonja exclaiming with glee that Eboni can “tweak” – I could watch that scene over and over. I don’t know why the ladies are so dressed up as they may be undressing soon to get a tattoo as they are going to dine in a tattoo studio. You know Ramona, Lu and Sonja are trying to play nice but I would pay a penny for their true thoughts. The ladies arrive and let’s just say the staff is just a tad odd. The fortune teller is creepy af and if it were me I would refuse that fortune and just hang out with the semi-scary twins all night. What’s very scary is that the ladies can’t seem to have a civil conversation as Sonja stirs that caldron and opens Pandora’s box on a whole slew of issues.  Eboni tells the other ladies that she has to make her position clear that not being racist isn’t enough and they have to be anti-racist. Leah brings out the other issues that these ladies are not easy to get along with, and on top of that she is the first woman of color in the group which just adds a whole other level of difficultness to this situation. RHONY airs Tuesday’s on Bravo.

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The purpose of the trip to Salem is to engage in bewitching activities and escape from discussions about the presidential election.

Bershan is a new friend of Ramona’s who joins the group on the trip to Salem. She is described as someone who is willing to participate in the “bitch witch” trip, but it is unclear if she fully understands what she is getting herself into.

During the trip, Eboni tries to discuss race with the other ladies, but Bershan interrupts and suggests focusing on the similarities between them instead. This leads to a discussion about the difficulties of being the first woman of color in the group and the challenges it brings.

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