Wendy Williams tells Cynthia Bailey to her Face that she should Be Fired from RHOA!

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Daytime Queen Wendy Williams is not one to talk behind your back – but she’ll sure tell it to your face! RHOA star Cynthia Bailey went on Williams’ talk show and was met with some candidate feedback from Wendy herself. When discussing a casting shakeup on the Bravo franchise, Wendy gave her unfiltered two cents when discussing who should be let go: “It should be you,” Williams, 56, told Bailey, 54, while discussing who should potentially get the boot. “Let me tell you why, because there’s nothing more exciting that you can give to us. I don’t want to see you fight, I don’t want to see you get divorced, like, I think it’s time.” Wendy went on adding “The only thing is, what will you do for a paycheck? But I was thinking, this is still a model, like Christie Brinkley,” Cynthia was ever the picture of grace under pressure stating it was “God’s will, not my will, be done. I’ve had an amazing run, it’s been 11 amazing years as a consistent peach holder…” Take a look at the clip below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgOM_BKiJks While I understand Wendy is known for her candid daytime chat, I felt bad for Cynthia to be put on the spot when she was a gracious guest on the show. Although Cynthia doesn’t bring the drama like some of the others, I certainly enjoy her and would love to see her continue to hold that peach!

Thoughts on Williams’ unfiltered opinion? Do you want to see Cynthia back or is her time up as a housewife?

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Wendy Williams expressed her opinion on a potential casting shakeup on the Bravo franchise, suggesting that Cynthia Bailey should be let go. She stated that there is nothing more exciting that Cynthia can offer and that it’s time for her to move on. However, Wendy also mentioned that Cynthia is still a model, drawing a comparison to Christie Brinkley.

Cynthia Bailey responded with grace and composure, stating that it is “God’s will, not my will, be done.” She acknowledged that she has had an amazing 11-year run as a consistent peach holder, indicating her acceptance of whatever may come.

Opinions vary among viewers. While some may agree with Wendy’s unfiltered opinion and believe it’s time for Cynthia to leave the show, others appreciate Cynthia’s presence and enjoy her as a housewife. The desire to see Cynthia continue holding the peach differs from person to person.

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