RHONY Recap: A Harlem Night!

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Hello New York fans! After a brief pause last week (with no explanation BTW) we are back in the action and this time we are in Harlem. So how do these UES ladies blend in with the Harlem crowd? Let’s find out….

It starts out with skepticism as the ladies are wondering if Ramona is using her friends that are women of color more as props vs. trying to form sincere bonds. Ramona isn’t doing much to help her case as she brings a friend to Harlem that we’ve never seen or heard of before. I like to think Ramona’s intentions are pure but with Ramona you never really know what you’re going to get, so it’s hard to say.

Eboni’s party looks beautiful (minus the staircase of death – especially while navigating in heels) and the ladies certainly are dressed to impress. The ladies partake in a mixology class (with virgin options for Leah and Lu) and drinks are in order as the presidential election is still up in the air. The ladies lighten the mood by taking a picture for the gram; however considering it’s at Ramona’s request, it’s suspicious that she insists on documenting her diverse set of friends on social media which is the very thing that she’s being accused of.

The night continues with lovely gifts from Eboni for her guests in the form of Harlem inspired candles, and a history lesson of Harlem legends. While I think everyone appreciates Eboni’s history lesson, it could have been a lot (and I mean a lot) shorter. I think the ladies were expecting to enjoy the food and music of Harlem, not get a college lecture on noteworthy local legends. Ramona’s friend Brashawn uses Eboni’s history lesson to make her opinion known that she wants to be seen as equals and wants to stop highlighting everybody’s differences; however Eboni feels undermined as she is trying to highlight the black struggle in this country. Ramona can either sense something is coming or is over the history lecture and exits stage left blaming it on her vertigo.

Back in their little bubble of rich privilidged women, Lu is meeting her daughter Victoria to have some heavy conversations about her past behavior while on the sauce. Luann breaks down apologizing to Victoria for the period of her life when she was out drinking too much and wasn’t the mother that she should have been. Luann connects her wild period to the exact same years that her father struggled with alcohol and realizes that her family history is repeating itself.  You can see in Luann’s eyes that she really means it and I wish Luann all the success in her sobriety and with her family.

Over at Ramona’s Eboni stops by for an elegant ladies night which turns into talk of politics. Ramona doesn’t like to engage in any talk regarding politics, even if it’s celebrating our first woman Vice President. I understand Ramona wanting to avoid political discussions; however I understand Eboni wanting to celebrate our first woman in office, considering they are all successful women and it was such a historic moment. Shockingly, Ramona is willing to discuss micro aggressions even if she won’t discuss politics so I think Eboni should just take what she can get.

Their light hearted wine and sushi night turns ugly as Eboni is interested in getting into deep discussions with Ramona; however Ramona doesn’t want to go anywhere heavy and puts on her secret weapon (a butterfly necklace) to help protect her.

Until next week my friends!

RHONY airs Tuesday at 9/8 CST on Bravo.

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