RHOBH Recap: The Divided State of Erika

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Hello 90210 fanatics! We were in for a double doozy this week as not only is Erika announcing her divorce this episode, but Hulu premiered the Housewife and the Hustler this week which has alll the gossip sites talking. So will we learn anything new this week? Let’s Dive in.

Well we start with what every single person watching this season wants to know: What is going on with the Girardi divorce? Erika starts it out by admitting that there are many layers to her divorce and that it’s complicated (understatement of the season.) Erika is going to be MIA at Kyle’s election party as she is definitely not in the mood to celebrate, considering her life is falling apart. Despite all the drama surrounding Erika, the attention turns to Dorit and Kyle who are having a snag in their relationship. The two are fighting over who talks too much and spoiler alert: they both do.

Kyle does her best to be a good party host but it’s uber awkward between Crystal/Sutton and Kyle/Dorit (and all the really bad and tacky fashion.) Despite the election results rolling in the ladies are most shocked about Erika’s divorce and are surprised that no one in the Fox Force Five club had any idea. While the ladies gossip about the divorce, the men do their own gossiping (RHONJ husbands they are not) and PK does his best to try to stir the pot and insert himself into the gossip.

The drama continues as Kyle and Dorit slip away to discuss their issues and from what the clip showed, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal – so why make this a whole thing? Note ladies: we already have enough front and center drama, we don’t need these side feuds. This conversation is deja-vu from last season and personally I’m over Kyle interrupting and Dorit giving monologues, in the words of Taylor Armstrong “Enough!” Kyle gives Dorit an ultimatum which comes off as a friendship threat and Dorit pulls an Erika by saying that she’s ‘good’ then sauntering away. Is this the breakdown of the Fox Force Five Four?

We get a fantasy scene (finally) as Sutton and Garcelle go car shopping for a new toy for Sutton. I enjoy Garcelle and Sutton’s friendship as it seems sincere and not competitive, as Garcelle genuinely has fun shopping for Sutton with no green eyed monster in sight. Sutton chalks up her new Bentley due to a mid-life crisis and I do feel she is going through some sort of internal crisis, so hopefully retail therapy is the cure for whatever ails her.

Over at Sutton’s store the ladies discuss her upcoming Parisian party, and of course: Erika. To the shock of everyone Erika is coming to the party and you know the ladies are going to have their questions ready to go. Living a more simple life are the Hamlins as Harry is gardening, preparing for doomsday, and I can’t think of anything worse than being stuck in a bomb shelter type scenario than with Rinna: no thank you. Harry is certainly taking this emergency preparation to the next level as he also has an inflatable pool in case of fires, so in case of emergency we’re all running over to the Hamlins!

Sutton’s exquisite Parisian party is upon us (name cards and all) and everyone is dressed to the nines, especially Crystal who has the best accessory of all: a $95K Herrmes bag (I kid you not.) Crystal makes my cute little designer bag look like a Wal-Mart special; however I have to say I’d take my bag over the mini store front any day. Kyle isn’t just envious of Crystal’s bag, she’s also seeing green that Sutton is living in her old house and it’s making her want to move back in. I do feel Kyle’s Bel-Air house always suited her more than her current Encino home so I can definitely see her moving back in some day.

While all ladies are dressed to impress, Rinna and Kyle are a little too on trend as they show up in the exact same dress (which is giving me serious Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman vibes. Despite the fashion hits and misses, the only thing I want to see is Erika’s entrance and it doesn’t disappoint. Yes ladies, she makes a grand entrance, and with the crucifix in the background it has even more creepy vibes than I had anticipated. Yikes.

RHONY airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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