RHOBH Recap: Overexposed

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It’s here ladies and gentlemen: The big divorce announcement. We all knew it was going to happen but had no idea what the behind the scenes antics were so color me curious.

We start out this episode with the ladies still in Tahoe and Sutton delivering a coat to Crystal instead of an olive branch. Crystal is hanging in there despite being the brunt of Sutton’s anger for not being included in a practical joke, which makes Rinna think Sutton is dealing with deeper issues. Sutton deals with issues by rolling her face which is better than Erika dealing with no eye makeup by wearing sunglasses at the breakfast table.

Crystal and Garcelle go out for coffee so Crystal can blow off some steam and discloses to Garcelle that Sutton doesn’t like to discuss race. Considering Garcelle and Crystal are the only two in the group that can really feel how painful racial stereotypes in this country can be, I love to see them bond and hear their conversation.  I do like Sutton and feel that she means well, but she needs to take a page out of Kyle’s book and listen when someone is sharing their feelings on a very sensitive topic.

The ladies put aside their differences for a day on the water, hoping that this boat trip goes better than the ones in the past. The only part about this entire scene that I really care about is that Erika spoke to Tom that morning and that Tom was still running the business as if nothing was wrong. I mean…..what?! Doesn’t she file for divorce minutes later and Tom get sued left and right shortly after? Am I the only one giving a side eye at Erika singing Tom’s praises when we know what’s waiting moments away? Crystal and Sutton have a poor attempt at hashing it out which ends with Crystal calling Sutton crazy and Sutton attempting to roll away the tears. I know that this is supposed to be the focal point of the boat trip but all I can think of is Tom back in his Pasadena law office possibly shredding papers.

That night at dinner the ladies dress to impress despite not leaving the house. Apparently only Sutton got that message as she comes down in her $2K slippers which I would rather be in than Dorit and Erika who have runway looks for the living room. Crystal also apparently thought it was ridiculous as she would rather stay in her room than attend dinner, mostly because the pressure of being a housewife is getting to her on her first trip. Sutton takes the moment to make a sincere apology which I found honest and appropriate, as did the other ladies, as they gladly accept and it leads to other conversations.

Rinna opens up about being hurt about being called a bad friend and then oddly goes into a story about Harry’s friend raping a woman and compares it to blindly believing Denise. Rinna then goes on to say she actually saved Denise by not sharing her secrets and that she knows stuff about Denise that she will take to her grave. I think Rinna just proved her own accusation that she is the worst friend ever – keep digging that hole Rinna. Kudos to Garcelle for not buying her BS as everyone else at the table seems to be.

The ladies lighten up and take the party downstairs and once again, my main focus is Erika telling Garcelle that her whole life is smoke and mirrors – ain’t that the truth! While the ladies drink and play games, Rinna jumps in the pool and I will give credit where credit is due – Rinna does look amazing in a suit. Sutton is the only one who braves the pool with Rinna which turns into synchronized swimming routine and I am impressed at their routinue considered it was done after drinks and in a matter of minutes.

The fun ends there as Crystal comes down when the fun dies down and reveals that she was uncomfortable with Sutton seeing her naked 24 hours ago. I feel she is taking this whole scene way too seriously, as the clip clearly shows Sutton making a harmless joke when dropping off her coat, not really insinuating that Crystal was doing anything racy. If you’re going to hang in this group, a girlfriend seeing you naked for a few seconds is going to be the least of your worries Crystal. Things get even darker four days later with the moment that we’ve all been anticipating: Erika texting her friends that she is filing for divorce.  Fox Force Four is shocked as nobody had any idea that something was wrong; however Rinna claims that since it’s Erika it had to be done this way.

To be continued…..

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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