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Lea Black Sticks Up for Erika Girardi; Asks Fans to Hold Judgement and ‘Keep an Open Mind’

Wives of powerful lawyers stick together!

RHOM‘ star Lea Black is the wife of the powerful criminal defense attorney Roy Black. Roy is known for gaining an acquittal on the ’91 case of William Kennedy Smith and has also represented Rush Limbaugh, Kelsey Grammer, Joe Francis, and even Justin Beiber. Being a public and powerful attorney, Roy Black has had his share of controversies, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that Lea Black is asking Bravo viewers to hold judgment when it comes to Erika Girardi.

Erika Girardi gained fame on RHOBH for being the wife of powerful L.A. attorney Tom Girardi, who gained fame as the ‘Erin Brockovitch’ lawyer. Taking to Twitter, Lea defended Erika, saying there was a good chance she didn’t know, considering Tom pulled the wool over many powerful players. Lea tweeted: “I hope people keep an open mind about Erika #RHOBH. The law partners/acct didn’t know. The Calif bar didn’t know. The creditors didn’t know. The city lavishing husband with awards didn’t know. So why would people assume a singer/dancer w/ no background in law/finance should know? Be nice”


While I understand where Lea is coming from, I have a hard time having sympathy for Erika as all my empathy is saved for the victims. Even if Erika is 100% innocent, she hasn’t acknowledged the pain the victims have endured, and that is the real tragedy in all of this. Perhaps Erika will open up more as the season goes on; however, she has Lea in her corner in the meantime.

RHOBH airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

Thoughts on Lea’s tweet? Do you agree with her?

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