Tom Girardi’s Victims Speak Out About What They’ve Endured and the Over the Top Wealth and Glam Displayed By Erika Jayne on RHOBH!

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Despite the hotly anticipated season of RHOBH premiering on Wednesday, there is definitely a dark shadow hovering over the franchise as Tom Girardi has been accused of stealing millions from victims to pay for his lifestyle. It’s difficult to watch Erika try on diamonds from her private collection in her overflow closet, knowing that clients of Girardi were never paid the money they desperately needed and deserved.

In an in-depth look at the case by The Los Angeles Times, victims speak out about what you won’t see this season on your TV screens. According to the LA Times, after the Lion Air Flight crash, Tom’s team “arrived in Jakarta knocking on the doors of the victims’ families.” The families were promised to be represented by one of the best lawyers in America. They were told they could get millions from Boeing if they went with the prestigious Mr. Girardi for representation. Despite delivering on that promise, as they were awarded big money from the company, at least $3 million allegedly went to Girardi’s personal use. 

Septiana Damayanti was one of those recipients that should have received the money as her husband died in the crash, leaving her a single mother with two daughters, ages 5 and 3. Per Septiana:  “I’m exhausted. I thought I could use the settlement money for the children. At least they could’ve gotten a good education, that they’d not need to worry.”

Judge Durkin, who is involved in the case, sympathized that “Half a million dollars for any one of these families is a significant amount of money, life-changing money, given the tragedy they went through and trying to carry on after that.” 

Multi Rizki, whose father died in the crash, revealed that Girardi tried to blame the missing funds on COVID, saying that offices were closed; therefore, funds could not be transferred. “COVID had nothing to do with this,” said Wisner, now representing the defrauded Indonesians. “I was working from home. It’s an easy wire transaction.”

Once victims began to hear about the over-the-top lifestyle that Girardi and his wife led, suspicion led to rage as one victim commented, “The way of life of Tom Girardi and his wife just doesn’t make sense for me, as someone coming from Indonesia. The way he spent money is just mind-blowing, actually.”
It is reported that Girardi has allegedly operated his law firm as a Ponzi scheme, using money from case A to pay victims for case B and so forth. Obviously, this will one day catch up with anyone (as any Ponzi scheme eventually does), which caused the Girardi house of cards to crumble.
The heartbreak of the victims is the real tragedy as the money wasn’t needed for diamonds or glam squads, but rather education, child care, and daily expenses. Rizki lost his father, who was the eldest of six, and supported his extended family and his own. Rizki stated:  “For my little brother, we need to pay for his tuition fee, and for my mother, we need money for her daily expenses.” Another victim added: “I have three siblings, and I have no mother, I have no father, and my grandmother and grandfather are already dead. I have to take care of [my siblings].”
This is so heartbreaking, and I’m glad that the L.A. Times is highlighting the victims of this case, as they are the ones that deserve the attention so that the court can do everything they can to find their money. Despite Erika denying having any knowledge of Tom’s legal operations, I still find it hard to watch her scenes, knowing that the money that should have gone to these families may have actually gone into her overflow closet.
RHOBH airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

Thoughts on the article? Do you find it hard to watch this season knowing what we do about the case?

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Source: Los Angeles Times  

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