Tiffany Moon Accuses Kameron Westcott of Comparing her to a Sex Worker

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Yikes – things have gone from bad to worse in the Dallas feud between Tiffany Moon and Kameron Westcott. Despite butting heads this season (over chicken feet of all things) the ladies seemed to be moving towards a resolution; however recent Twitter feuds have ignited a new level of animosity between the two Texans. In a now deleted tweet, captured by Reality Blurb, Kameron stated that she had hope for her friendship with Tiffany, something that Tiffany doesn’t necessarily agree with. Per Kam: “Someone I was so excited to be on the show with. Had a blast filming, and I am disappointed where it went as we aired in press. I tried to show with receipts I always wanted to be her friend. I do hope we get another try to have a good time on this show together!” Tiffany shot back, quickly proving that there was little hope for their friendship tweeting: “You came to attack and gaslight me. Don’t ever compare me to a Thai s-x worker or call me bossy either, please. I don’t accept your half a– ‘my employee did that’ apology. Learn to take some accountability or pay a bill.” I love how Tiffany calls out the ‘my employee did this’ type of apology. These types of apologies are utter BS as both Ellen Degeneres and influencer Rachael Hollis have tried to make these types of apologies and have been called out for being insincere. Tiffany has good reason to be upset as Kam’s brother in law Chart Westcott insinuated that Dr. Moon showed up for work hungover to work on patients, even tagging her employer. Kameron’s husband had tweeted that Tiffany herself was racist while Kam had accused her of white face after posting a clown emoji under Kameron’s picture. I’m thinking that the Westcott family won’t be invited to any pizza parties anytime soon. Kameron tried to tidy things up with Tiffany by responding to her tweet saying: “Never compared you to a Thai s-x worker ever as I’ve told you I was referring to ladies in our group.” Kam then insinuated all should be good as she sent the ladies cookies before the reunion so trying to get Tiffany fired should be water under the bridge: I’m totally Team Tiffany here. She doesn’t have any reason to forgive a family that tried to get her fired from a job she worked so hard to get and earned. Tagging her employer was next level cruel. Even if Kameron didn’t do it herself it was her brother in law and nobody on the Westcott side has apologized for it. If RHOD comes back for another season they are going to have a LOT of material on their hands.

Thoughts on the feud? Are you team Tiffany or Team Kameron?

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The feud between Tiffany Moon and Kameron Westcott escalated due to recent Twitter feuds and a series of controversial statements made by both parties. Kameron’s brother-in-law insinuated that Dr. Moon showed up for work hungover and tagged her employer, while Kameron’s husband accused Tiffany of being racist. These incidents, along with other disagreements, led to a breakdown in their friendship.

 Tiffany responded to Kameron’s attempts to reconcile by expressing her disappointment and asserting that there was little hope for their friendship. She called out Kameron for comparing her to a Thai sex worker and for making insincere apologies. Tiffany also mentioned that Kameron’s family had tried to get her fired from her job, which further strained their relationship.

 The majority of people seem to be supporting Tiffany in this feud. Many believe that she has valid reasons to be upset, especially considering the attempts made by Kameron’s family to get her fired. Tiffany’s response to Kameron’s attempts at reconciliation and her call for accountability have resonated with people, leading them to side with her.

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