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It’s finally here Beverly Hills fans! It’s one of the most hotly anticipated seasons ever (thanks to real life drama surrounding Erika and Tom Girardi) and according to Bravo – people will be talking. In addition to Erika Jayne now working with a budget, we have a new addition to the cast in Crystal Kung Minkoff, Sutton Stracke is now holding a diamond and Kathy Hilton will be a friend of this dynamic cast. I have a feeling that this is going to be good – so let’s get into it!

We start off with Rinna meeting up with Kyle who is fresh off a nose job. Kyle claims that her nose job was a result of an  injury, but really, when it comes to housewives and plastic surgery can we ever really trust them? Meanwhile, Dorit and Erika are hanging out – and I hope Erika is enjoying the good times before her entire life self-destructs on camera. While Mo and PK have a close friendship, Kyle and Garcelle are still on the outs and Garcelle wisely is keeping her distance from Lisa Rinna as she cannot be trusted.

The Fab Fox Five Four (Teddi is gone) meet to comfort Kyle post nose job and decide on a BBQ at Dorit’s so that they have an excuse to wear something other than their designer sweats. It’s also an excuse to meet the new girls, which is the real reason we all know why the ladies are getting together. Perhaps they should have chosen Sutton’s to take us down memory lane as she is now renting Kyle’s old place and is it just me or do you feel that Kyle was silently judging Sutton’s décor? I mean I would probably do the same thing, it just wouldn’t be caught on camera.

Across town, Garcelle and Rinna are meeting, and I have to give a standing ovation to Garcelle for staying true to her friend and not buying Rinna’s BS. Rinna “owns it” and admits that she was too hard on Denise, and if she is easier on Erika for allegedly stealing from orphans and widows than she was for Brandi and Denise allegedly hooking up, I think we can count on Garcelle for calling her out. #TeamGarcelle. Garcelle feels that she can’t trust Rinna as a friend and I wouldn’t either so I feel Garcelle is one smart cookie. In Beverly Hills you gotta keep your friends close and your enemies closer (hence Garcelle and Rinna having dinner together.)

Next in a scene that I bet she wished never aired, is Erika filming her overflow closet. This scene definitely did not age well. Why do I think there is a lawyer someone who is freezing this scene and taking inventory of everything in her closets?! In a self-fulfilling prophecy, Erika admits that she knows her luxury life can change at any minute, and hints that the money is already starting to dry. Despite blaming it on Covid, looking back this scene and knowing what we know now is pretty crazy.

We finally get to meet Crystal Kung-Minkoff who seems lovely and like a breathe of fresh air. Her husband was the director of The Lion King so if she wants to name drop her husband’s career when meeting the ladies – I’m all for it. Crystal has connections to Kathy Hilton so naturally fits into the fabulousness of Beverly Hills but time will tell if she has what it takes to survive in this group.

Dorit’s BBQ is upon us and I use that term verrry loosely as the ladies dress as if it’s the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Kathy Hilton is making her official debut and I have to say I’m kinda loving this cast as they all have their own personality vs. one person out (like we’ve seen in the past.) The party (I refuse to call it a BBQ) goes pretty smoothly until Garcelle reveals that she’s still not on great terms with Rinna despite what Rinna may think. Rinna has a pattern of saying horrible things then “owning it” expecting people to forget what she said. It doesn’t exactly work like that in the real world so I don’t blame Garcelle for being skeptical.

All in all it was a pretty safe premiere, but hang on kids, there is definitely more to come. At the very end, Erika admits she’s got some pretty big problems coming her way, and she’s definitely spot on there!

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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