RHONY Season 13 Premiere Recap!

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We’ve waited patiently and the day is finally here – it’s the  RHONY premiere! With the promise of a fresh new housewife, plus some of our old favs and legendary ‘wives there’s sure to be a lot in store so let’s just jump right in.

Well the opening scene is very familiar as it’s Covid and socially distancing, masks and empty restaurants have become the new norm. Leah has taken being a housewife very seriously as she’s got plastic surgery, upgraded her apartment and got the ever popular small dog accessory, so yes it’s official – she’s a Bravolebrity. Leah has some major changes going on as she quit drinking again and has decided to convert to Judaism. I’ll be straight in the fact that I sure didn’t see that coming. Leah doesn’t come off as a religious type  so I’m surprised that she is converting to one of the oldest and most traditional religions.

Over at Ramona’s things are going good as she has Lu as a new neighbor and is coming off a high after quarantining with Avery and Mario. Lu is ever evolving and has a chic new apartment that is fresh and modern which seems to reflect her new outlook on life as a single woman (yet again.) In an attempt to clean up her life, Lu has stopped drinking and as both Victoria and Avery have also been laying off the sauce, Ramona is attempting to cut back on the Pinot as well. The ladies quickly turn to be self righteous and begin to gossip about Sonja and speculate that something may be wrong with her. Leave it to Lu and Ramona to stop drinking for 15 minutes then turn into the experts on everything. One thing Lu is not an expert on is getting over Tom D’Agostino as were supposed to believe she didn’t buy her new apartment just because it is conveniently across from Tom’s terrace. Right…

We finally get to meet the newest NY housewife Eboni that is living in the same apartment complex as Leah and is a multi-hyphenated boss lady. The two bond over dating in the city as they don’t seem to be too lucky in love. I have a feeling that Eboni is going to fit right in with this group as she’s outspoken, unfiltered and independent. Meanwhile, Sonarita is doing her best Grey Garden one woman show as she is loving quarantine while wandering the house in her flowy caftans. Despite it being 2021 it’s feeling 2018 in Sonja’s townhouse as her storyline is still renovating and selling that damn townhouse. Sonja – perhaps the universe wants you to stay at the townhouse and the quarantine happened just so you would return. Fight it as she might – I feel Sonja is destined to be forever in the townhouse.

Would it even be RHONY without the annual garden party at the townhouse? Eboni is getting cold feet about meeting the other ladies, and if she has seen any of the previous seasons, she has good reason to be.  Sonja may attempt to be the hostess with the mostest but she ends up being her loveable hot mess which is the reason why we love her. Sonja is still Sonja as just when she seemed to get her footing in a business endeavor, the company goes bankrupt and she’s back to square one. Sonja isn’t the only one going through rough times as Eboni revealed that Covid forced her and her fiancé to face the music and call off their wedding, which now has Eboni hearing that biological clock ticking loud and clear.

Lu and Ramona join the party and the talk turns to men (of course) as apparently Lu is hooking up with her hot, tall, rugby player trainer. Get it Lu! While Luann has a new man, Ramona is recycling hers as she has been seen canoodling with the infamous Harry Dubin. Yuck. Eboni has some new men in her life and I think the ladies are impressed with not only her connections but just how many men she can juggle. Better keep them away from Ramona!

The conversation turns serious as Lu confides in Leah that she is newly sober and the two promise to have each other’s back while they are not drinking. After looking at that montage maybe everyone should take this sober pledge. Yikes. Since they don’t want the focus on them, Lu and Ramona force Sonja to talk about her issues, specifically her clothing business and being MIA (despite the fact that we are in a global pandemic.) Overall it was a safe premiere but I think it will be a good season – keep coming back as we’ll be talking about it here at AllAboutTRH.

RHONY airs Tuesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on the premiere?

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