RHONJ Recap: Teresa in Love

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Spring may be in the air but if you’re in Jersey, there’s definitely love as well. Teresa has finally admitted that she has a new man and if her social media is any indication, she’s completely head over heels for Louie the lover.

We’re still at the Mother’s brunch sans Tre who found it too emotional and went to visit her beloved mother’s grave. The mothers are adorable and I love the good old fashioned girl talk; however when moms are around – let’s keep it clean. No BJ talk in front of the old school mamas (note to Jackie.) Personally, I also love seeing the multi-generational dynamic as there are different points of view depending on when and where they grew up. Bravo production: we want more scenes like this and less fake affair storylines – please take note.

The men of Jersey are back and decide to golf while the women gossip about living with their annoying husbands. I love the Jersey husbands and feel they could carry their own spinoff as it’s usually goofy fun and zero drama. The men wager a friendly bet and Frank Catania ends up kissing Joe Gorga’s ass (literally.) Like I said – give these men a spinoff, we’d even settle for it airing on Peacock at this point. After a miserable game of golf, the men need some food and alcohol while gossiping about their needy wives. While most of the men complain about their wives needing too much around the house, Joe Gorga complains that his wife isn’t needy enough. No modern woman would be able to satisfy poison so Team Melissa on this one. The gossip then turns to Tre’s new man and Joe admits that his sister is in love and that he’s a good guy. Tre may be in love but time will tell if the latter part is true.

Tre’s love life has all the tongues wagging in Jersey as a double date between the Gorga’s and the Josephs turns into a gossip fest. While Melissa is keeping Tre’s secret safe in the vault, her brother Joey certainly has some loose lips. Tre may want to just go out and tell everyone that she’s in love as even her realtor is trying to set her up and all she wants is her new beau Louie.

The ladies are heading out to a cocktail party where Tre is supposed to meet said set up date but she’s hoping Dolores is the one that hits it off with him. I have to admit, Michelle the realtor fits right in as a Jersey Housewife. She’s got the look, the house, the party planning skills and the connections. I know she said she wouldn’t be back next season but I totally think she would be a natural fit. Despite it being Michelle’s house, Teresa is the main focus as it’s clear that she is officially in the L word and we have Joey Gorga to thank for spilling the beans. Teresa is not happy with her little brother but her real issue is the blind date who naps too much for Teresa’s liking. Poor guy – I cringed for him with how cold Tre was being towards him. Maybe Dolores will hit it off with poor Dave the realtor as the only thing she’s getting anytime soon is a Porsche with no ring in sight.

Tre quickly exits stage left the second that Louie texts her while Dolores is left to fend for herself as everyone is pissed that she didn’t get a ring for her birthday. Everyone has had one too may drinks and Dolores and Joe Gorga get into a random fight about each other’s relationships. Joe seems to be the third wheel in Dolores and Dave’s relationship and has an opinion on everything. He then accuses her of being a broken woman due to Frank’s past indiscretions and I have to say it’s insulting to Dolores to think that her entire existence is dependent on a man. Dolores is then the next to storm out and I have to admit I may have done the same if I were Dolores.

RHONJ airs Wednesday’s at 9/8 CST on Bravo.

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