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Bethenny Frankel Says Being on RHONY Made Her a Less Credible Businesswoman While Fans Argue that the Show Made her Business!

Fame is a double edged sword isn’t it Bethenny?

Any Bravo fan knows the red and black Skinnygirl logo. The low calorie bottled margarita has made former RHONY Bethenny Frankel a lot (and I mean a lot) of money. It was the first official ‘Bravo product’ and ever since, housewives from all cities have been trying to duplicate her success by using the show as a free infomercial, launching products from water (both BLK and Sparkling) to skincare to toaster ovens. Unfortunately for those ‘wives, no one has been able to reach the B’s success or what she’s done with Skinnygirl. While many argue that Bethenny owes that success to Bravo, the B is complaining that her association to the show has actually tarnished her reputation as a businesswoman.

Speaking to Marie Claire Bethenny has a not so subtle dig at the franchise that made her famous, as she is quoted as saying:

“Plenty of people would scoff at the notion of a Real Housewife serving as the arbiter of what is and is not in good taste. Frankel is cognizant of this stigma. It’s part of why she left the show. ‘It pulls you back in a little, to be attached to the Housewives,” she says. “It [hurts your] credibility as an entrepreneur and a businessperson. No matter how many Forbes covers you could be on or how many hundreds of millions of dollars you’ve raised worldwide in philanthropy.”

Fans were quick to take to social media to push back on the B, letting her know that without RHONY, she may not even be the successful businesswoman that we see today Bethenny had been struggling for years to make it big as a natural food chef (anyone remember her hawking muffins as a grocery store) before trying to launch Skinnygirl as a brand. Who can forget the early days of the brand where she drove around in her Skinnygirl-mobile and the unfortunate first round of logos before landing on her chic design that we know today.

I totally understand that Bethenny would prefer to be known for her philanthropic work today, and be seen solely as a successful businesswoman; however she can’t deny the show gave her a huge advantage to make her brand successful. At one point RHONY was basically a 45 minute commercial, where her ideal demographic was already tuning in which resulted in mega bucks. Nothing wrong with looking to the future but let’s also not bite the hand that fed you.

Thoughts on Bethenny’s comments? Do you think the show has hurt her in the business world?

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Source: Marie Claire

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