Kary Brittingham Talks Viewer Backlash and Being Dubbed a ‘Bully’; Says Co-Star Tiffany Moon ‘Never Made an Effort’ To Be Friends

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Sophmore seasons of Real Housewives are notoriously difficult, and that’s extremely true for Real Housewives of Dallas star Kary Brittingham.

Kary’s second season has been tough, with viewers dubbing the mom of four a bully, among other vitriol.

“I will say that I’m very disappointed that people call me a bully because obviously, I don’t feel like I’m a bully,” Kary confesses to Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, am I confrontational? Yes. Am I feisty? Yes, but that’s very different than being a bully, and that does hurt my feelings.”

“I mean, I can’t control how people feel,” she adds. “People are going to be like that. And I feel like, if you take the time to go on my account and say all these things about me, I mean, isn’t that bullying?”

“I definitely regret a few things I did this season,” she admits. “I think every season is a big learning experience. You really look at yourself and want to grow and become a better person. … [and] I’m not going to be pushing anybody into bodies of water.”

Meanwhile, the RHOD star also dished on her rocky friendship with co-star Tiffany Moon.

Kary wonders if she and Tiffany were never destined to be friends. She also notes that her definition of fun isn’t everyone else’s and that she’s learned she needs to respect people’s boundaries.

“I just feel like she really didn’t ever want it to be my friend, and it makes me very sad,” Kary laments. “I wanted to be her friend. So, that whole experience with Tiffany has really been very disappointing.”

“I kept trying to be her friend and reaching out to her,” she shares. “I was really trying so hard, since I found that she was going to join, to make her welcome and part of the group. So, whenever I started watching the season this year, I was really disappointed because I did call her and apologize for throwing her into the pool. And then I asked her, ‘Hey, girl, do you think, like, I’m a bully? I’m sorry,’ she goes, ‘No, girl. I never thought that.’ So, whenever I saw her calling me a bully on TV and doing all these things behind my back, I did feel a little bit betrayed, kind of like, hey, I’ve given you many opportunities to talk to me and tell me.”

“It seemed to me like the whole season that she was like, ‘Girl, no. I love you. Everything is great. I don’t have any issues with you,’” she continues, “and then when I start seeing the show, and that she’s feeling a certain way about me and talking behind my back, it hurt my feelings.”

Those hurt feelings led to Kary calling Tiffany a snake on Twitter, and untimely led to them getting into a major social media feud which resulted in them unfollowing each other on various platforms.

“She’s never made an effort with me,” Kary claims. “I know she’s made an effort with [Stephanie Hollman] and [Kameron Westcott] off-season a lot. She’s texted them and really tried to be their friend, and she’s never done that to me.”

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Thoughts on this all? Do you think Kary is a bully? Did Tiffany make an effort to befriend Kary? Sound off below!

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