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Melissa Gorga Says She and Teresa Giudice Have An ‘Understanding’ About How Far They Can Push Each Other

Melissa Gorga says her family is the reason why she now knows how to maneuver around her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Melissa reveals that she now knows rational argument doesn’t work with her sister-in-law after years of going head to head with Teresa. Apparently, it’s not shocking for Teresa to hear she’s irrational. According to Melissa, “I think she knows it’s true.”

She added, “[Teresa’s] not the easiest person to go back and forth with …. but sometimes you got to ‘yes’ her to make it end, and I’m not saying that that’s right, or that’s fair.”

“If I were a friend, or if I were Jackie, I get why they kind of battle it out because they have no reason to just say, all right, I’m going to just let what you said blow off my shoulder,” she continued.

“I’m a little bit more lenient because of my children and everyone, and listen, Teresa and I, we have an understanding now. We know each other. She knows how far she can go with me, where before, I think she used to push me more,” Melissa explained. “[Teresa] doesn’t do that anymore. She knows where I’m going to, like, explode, and she’s learned me, and I’ve learned her, and I think that we figured that out. It’s just one of those things, and I think it’s relatable to a lot of sister-in-laws.”

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Thoughts on Melissa’s comments? Do you think Melissa and Teresa’s new relationship is genuine? Sound off below!

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