Melissa Gorga Says Jennifer Aydin Has No Guts and Will Do Anything For Attention; Slams Joe Giudice For Going After her and Joe Gorga in Clickbait Articles Online

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Melissa Gorga isn’t holding back!

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star takes aim at co-star Jennifer Aydin and former brother-in-law Joe Giudice – and she’s not mincing words!

“The funny thing is, like, that crazy Jennifer — who that’s a whole other thing, can’t stand with her!” Melissa told ET.

“She never has anything,” she added. “So she just goes for, let me talk about Melissa, so maybe people see my name talking about Melissa. She needs to get a grip. She’s such a wannabe. I can’t with her. Sorry but like, come on. I can’t. First of all, I’ll never forget, she goes from the first season, like, ‘Oh my god, I don’t drink. I don’t drink.’ You’re laying on the floor bombed like you’re in a sorority! Come on, it’s ridiculous. You want to talk about ridiculous? She will do anything for attention. And that doesn’t work. I like authentic people.”

She continued. “No, I have no time for Jennifer. I really don’t. Sorry. I just don’t. I feel like she talks about her whole family. She talks about everyone other than herself and her marriage. It’s like, ‘I’m going to use my, first, we’re going to go with my brother, then my parents’ marriage. Now we’re going to go through my daughter…’ But no, we want to hear about you. Is there anything? Do you got anything? No, she doesn’t. She just wants to say, ‘Melissa is self-absorbed’ all day. ‘Melissa is self-absorbed’ is all you got? At least give me something better than that. It’s like, geez. It’s like, she sees Jackie’s having a real argument with Teresa. She like, ‘All right, I guess I need to go for Melissa.” Like no, why don’t you really get mad at something for real? Instead of just pulling things out of your a**. That’s what I want to say to Jennifer.”

“She doesn’t have any guts,” Melissa said. “In her confessionals, it was like, ‘Probably true. It’s probably this…’ She talks when you’re not in front of her, and now I’m seeing all that. I’m like, all right. So maybe I should have killed the messenger or gave her a hard time. Instead, Melissa, over here, it gives her the benefit of the doubt. And I’m like, ‘It’s all right. Someone told you something you’re telling me.’ But no, not to my face. Like in the confessionals, she’s got a lot to say. Say it to my face.”

When it comes to her former brother-in-law, Melissa slams Joe Giudice for regularly going after her and husband Joe Gorga in clickbait articles online. She also dishes on her decade-long battle with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice.

“I’m happy to help him make money; I really am,” Melissa scoffed. “Link in bio. I am his clickbait. ‘Screw Melissa, I hate…’ … you’ll see on this episode, [Teresa’s] like, ‘Take his name out of your mouths.’ Really? Because I don’t care — ever — to bring him up, believe me, that. So it just gets very one-sided, and Joe gets very insulted, which I have to agree with him. Not because he’s my husband. When he’s wrong, I tell him he’s wrong. But I feel his pain.”

“I’m like, what did we ever do anything that you really liked?” Melissa asked while reflecting on battling it out with Teresa on TV for nearly a decade. “Even when we’re backing you up, and we’re taking your side — ‘You were the best, and you deserve better’ — we’re still saying it wrong.”

“It’s that situation where you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” she added. “Joe Giudice and Joe, obviously those guys have never really gotten along from way before I was in the picture, and it’s like, look, Joe is in whatever he is, and they still are. It’s just not a good mix. I don’t know.”

RHONJ airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on BRAVO.

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