Allegations Emerge That Brandi Redmond Has Been Also Unfaithful To Husband Bryan Plus Travis Hollman Defends Best Friend Bryan Amid All the Gossip

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More and more alleged tea about Brandi Redmond and her husband Bryan Redmond is coming to light – some old, some new. It’s all alleged at this point in time, but things aren’t looking good for the Real Housewives of Dallas couple.

After the shocking 2018 video of Bryan allegedly kissing another woman went viral more allegations against him began to pop up all over social media. And if that weren’t bad enough, claims are currently circulating that Brandi has also been unfaithful in her marriage. This shocking news makes many fans wonder if the reality TV couple have some arrangement or open marriage contract.

Plus, Stephanie Hollman’s husband Travis Hollman chimes in on the drama in defense of his best friend, Bryan.

Let’s dive into the tea because it’s piping hot!

Bryan Redmond can’t seem to catch a break – not that he necessarily deserves one if all the rumors are true. Following the viral video of him allegedly making out with a woman, who clearly wasn’t his wife, more allegations against him popped up all over social media.

One post, in particular, was especially juicy as it dragged another Dallas house-husband into the drama.

In 2020, Bryan and Travis were photographed out in Dallas at dinner with two blonde women who weren’t their wives.

The source claims that Bryan and Travis were “all over the women, and they were not hiding it or being discrete at all.”

This gossip is especially interesting as Stephanie and Travis have been fierce defenders of Brandi and Bryan.

Stephanie recently claimed that none of the recent rumors about the Redmond family were true.

“I can confirm that this is 100 percent NOT TRUE,” Stephanie wrote on AllAboutTRH‘s Instagram post in February.

Travis backed up Bryan hours after the viral video of him emerged on social media.

Travis denied that Bruin Redmond was Bryan’s biological son after comparing the father and son’s striking similar facial features.

“It’s not his biological kid, but the rumors are funny,” Travis commented on the MoxeyBlonde Instagram page.

Some quickly called Travis out, saying that he was “trying to coverup” his own dirty deeds by defending Bryan.

One fan commented, “the rumors about your double dates w/pics should be your main concern now.”

Others theorized that Stephanie “went to bat” for Brandi because “her husband is doing the same shit.”

However, some fans praised Travis and Steph for “taking up for their friends.”

“You and Stephanie are true friends for sticking up for [Brandi and Bryan],” another fan commented.

Meanwhile, there are even more damning allegations circulating about the Redmond family; however, this time, it’s Brandi who is in the hot seat.

Bravo and Cocktails, who initially broke the now-viral video of Bryan cheating, received even more tea on Brandi and Bryan’s marriage.

“I’m about to drop a bomb,” Bravo and Cocktails shared on their Instagram Stories late Wednesday night. “But I hope it makes everyone feel better about the situation…because Brandi is doing her own thing. Maybe they have an agreement.”

“This is a country singer [Taylor Phillips]…anyone know him? Well, he hooked up with Brandi, allegedly,” the next slide read. Philips and Brandi allegedly met when Brandi took Bryan to Nashville for the NBA draft a couple of years ago.

Brandi allegedly “hooked up” with Phillips, who is also married, in Dallas when he did a show there. Stephanie was with Brandi at the concert, but Brandi allegedly left with the singer.

There is also a photo of Phillips, Brandi, and Stephanie on his Instagram page with the caption, “Hanging out with the realest Real Housewives! Nice meeting ya’ll! See ya in Nash soon!”

Brandi commented on the post, “Can’t wait! Ya’ll rocked last night. Good times with amazing people.”

The RHOD star also commented on a photo of Phillips and his wife, saying, “Love ya’ll.”

Shortly after Bravo and Cocktails revealed this tea, Phillips mysteriously deleted his Instagram account.

Phillips’ Instagram page disappeared, and his wife’s public profile shows that “she’s not following him.”

Bravo and Cocktails also hinted, “there’s more to it that I can’t post bc I was asked not to…it has been vetted.”

RHOD airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Could these rumors be true? Sound off below!

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