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Stephanie Hollman Speaks out Amid Devastating Texas Crisis While D’Andra Simmons is Criticized for ‘Tone Deaf’ Photo!

2021 has given new meaning to the phrase ‘Texas Strong.’

The state has been devastated by a storm that has lead millions of Texans without water, electricity, and other basic necessities. Stephanie Hollman spoke out to ET about the crisis and acknowledged that her family has been blessed, all things considered. Per Stephanie:

“We just got our power back late last night, so we are finally able to stay in our house. We had no power for three days, and our kitchen sink was frozen. We’re so lucky because we have a fireplace and were able to use that downstairs to kind of keep a little warm, but it’s been crazy here. A lot of people are still without electricity and power, who have it a lot worse off. I think it’s the elderly and children, who are the most vulnerable, and that people really need to watch out for. You see on the news all these people trying to stay warm and keep their kids warm, who are dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s just so, so sad and so unnecessary, to be completely honest.”

Texas is the only state that has its own power grid not regulated by the federal government, which has led to an unprecedented crisis. Stephanie revealed that she had no idea this was an issue and therefore left them very unprepared:

“I never knew that this was a problem, and we don’t have a generator because I never thought we needed one. It’s scary how unprepared we were, and I am still not 100 percent sure what happened. It’s scary that people are literally dying trying to stay warm and freezing to death. It just feels very unnecessary and really sad that we just feel unprepared. We hear certain areas having power and people who have not had power for four days. It just does not make a lot of sense to me.”

Meanwhile, her costar D’Andra Simmons came under scrutiny for posting a photo to Instagram that may have meant well but was executed poorly. The wealthy housewife was dressed head to toe in Chanel showing off her money while many were struggling to survive. D’Andra captioned the photo:

“These last few days have truly been scary for Texas. We’ve been fortunate enough to have running water and electricity in our home.  @jeremytlock and I have hosted several close friends who didn’t have any power or water, and we are truly counting our blessings and happy we could be of assistance. I’m so thankful to be back working @hardnightgoodmorning and @ultimatelivingd and doing a new @idontgivearippodcast podcast this week! ?#RHOD may be taking the next week off, but trust me, we #housewives never rest. Things are just getting started! Stay tuned for an epic continuation of last week’s episode”

A complete 180 was seen with former housewife Bethenny Frankel who kept things simple and straight to the point with her post. B has naturally jumped into action with her charity BStrong and let her followers know that she was doing whatever she could to help:

“Given the current humanitarian crisis in Texas, #BStrong is loading trucks of aid to distribute to those ravaged by power outages, sub zero temperatures, lack of and contaminated water, death, and homelessness. Thank you to our new transport partner, @thencsgroup, for making this effort possible.”

Our thoughts are with everyone in Texas. It is truly a scary situation and I hope anyone in need of help finds it and anyone able to give does.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Thoughts on Stephanie’s comments? Do you think D’Andra’s post was in poor taste?

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Source: ET

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