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Shannon Beador Explains Why She Waited So Long To Confront Braunwyn About Offering Her Daughter Drugs Plus Kelly Dodd Claims Braunwyn Tried To Give Shannon’s Daughter ‘Molly Water’

Setting the record straight!

Shannon Beador is now explaining why she waited so long to confront Braunwyn Windham-Burke about offering her teenage daughter drugs.

As we’ve previously reported, two years ago, Braunwyn offered Shannon’s then 14-year-old daughter Stella Beador drugs. Some reports have claimed that Braunwyn offered Stella cocaine; however, Shannon has shut that report down completely.

“No one was ever offered cocaine,” Shannon clarified on January 20 via Instagram.

As for Braunwyn, she admitted didn’t remember what she said to Stella due to her excessive drinking at the time.

“I honestly have no idea [if I said that to Stella]. I was drinking at the time,” she confessed. “I’ve heard from her what happened and made amends. I’ve since heard a very different version of what happened, which isn’t at all what she said from someone I trust, though.”

Now, Shannon is explaining why she waited so long to confront Braunwyn.

“Why did you keep hanging out with Braunwyn after she offered your daughter drugs?” one Housewives fan asked Shannon on Instagram.

Shannon explained, “I didn’t find out until a long time after it happened.” 

“Stella didn’t want to appear like a ‘tattle tale,'” the Real Housewives of Orange County star continued. “Had I known when it happened, things would have transpired differently.” 

“I talked it through with Stella and didn’t want to interfere with Braunwyn’s sobriety, but after being called a liar and alcoholic, she needed to hear and take responsibility for what she did,” she added.

“Rumors are circulating that multiple people were present when this happened. Stella and Braunwyn were the only two involved in the conversation,” Shannon clarified.

Meanwhile, Kelly Dodd recently revealed what drugs Braunwyn did offer Stella since we all now know it wasn’t cocaine.

“I knew somewhat about that. I didn’t know it was like, ‘You can give [her] my phone number for the drug dealer.’ But I knew that she offered her molly water,” Kelly said during an IGTV interview with Hollywood Life. I didn’t know about all that other stuff, which is a lot. But I know Stella doesn’t lie. She told me things along those lines, but it was shocking for me to hear it.”

Part two of the RHOC season 15 reunion airs on Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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