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Reality Rumors: Are Braunwyn Windham Burke’s Paparazzi Shots Fake? Plus – Is there a Reason Stephanie & Brandi Always get a Good Edit on RHOD?

We all know that reality TV isn’t always real and that there is a lot of smoke and mirrors involved. So when reality rumors come about, it’s usually worth looking into them to see how real some of our favorite real housewives are.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke has received a lot of backlash this year, both on and off-screen. The OC housewife and husband Sean have had ‘paparazzi’ photos released, with many fans wondering how candid they actually were. One set of photos show Braunwyn out with her new girlfriend Kris, while other photos show her with her husband, Sean, at a sex shop. Fans questioned how many paparazzi photogs camped out in Costa Mesa, CA, during a pandemic looking for Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Bravo Instagram fan page Christian Gray Snow wondered the same thing and reached out to industry experts to clear the air.

According to his Instagram page, Christian reached out to a professional LA photographer asking:An old acquaintance of mine is a successful photog here in LA who regularly shoots the major people like JLo and Ariana. I couldn’t help but ask him about our very own paparazzi Princess.” To the shock of no one, Braunwyn and Sean weren’t on the list of in-demand photographs, adding to the gossip that the “candid shots” were actually staged:

Moving on to Dallas gossip, rumors have been floating around that Travis Hollman owns part of the production company that produces RHOD, ensuring that his wife Stephanie comes off in a good light. Fans speculated that this was true as Brandi Redmond seemed to be easily forgiven for insensitive and ignorant jokes about Asians, while other Bravolebs were fired for racially insensitive comments. Reposting from AsiansWhoWatchBravo, the screenshot comments that Travis owns part of Goodbye Pictures, which is why Stephanie seems to have a great edit and why Brandi wasn’t fired. Take a look at the screenshot below:

It turns out that Stephanie is really just a sweetheart and doesn’t need any favors in terms of editing, as she saw the post and responded by denying the allegations. Per Stephanie:

“Hate to break it to ya, but unfortunately, he doesn’t own ANY part of ANY production company either. Could you imagine if he did? It would be the Real Travis Hollman of Dallas… with a spin-off.”

When users speculated that she wasn’t telling the entire truth, Steph cleared the air once and for all, adding she was: “not lying,” adding that she has “nothing to hide there because it’s simply not true. Neither Travis nor myself have any ownership in anything to do with the show.”

So there you have it! Braunwyn’s paparazzi pics may be staged, and Steph and Travis have nothing to do with production.

What other reality rumors out there do you think need to be cleared up?

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