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Will Erika Girardi Be Fired From RHOBH Over Embezzlement Accusations? Dana Wilkey Thinks It’s A Possibility!

Erika Girardi’s future on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be up in the air amid claims she and estranged husband Tom Girardi embezzled million from families of the victims of the 2018 Lion Air 61 plane crash.

This claim comes from former RHOBH friend Dana, “$25,000 sunglasses,” Wilkey.

Dana recently appeared on David Yontef’s Behind the Velvet Rope podcast and dished on Erika’s reality TV future.

“It depends on what comes out. I mean, they, obviously they can take any position as things play out, right, based on the agreement that they have,” Dana explained.

“They could definitely say, you know, we’ve decided, but, but I don’t think they would ever not use her. They would just use her up to a certain point,” she added. 

“And then, all of a sudden, she’d be like gone,” the former reality TV star predicted. “Right. I mean, that’s what would happen. They wouldn’t just like, forget like the 10 episodes they shot already. You know what I’m saying? Like they don’t, they don’t do that.”

She also believes that Erika could have been involved in the Lion Air embezzlement, saying, “Well, I think that there’s serious public evidence that states that she may have, yeah.”

Erika has denied claims she had any involvement in embezzling settlement funds from the Lion Air plane crash victims’ families.

Dana notes that she believes Erika’s legal drama will play out on RHOBH; however, she clarified, “Well, if it goes criminal, I’d say absolutely not.”

“You know, but if it goes, if it stays in civil, then there’s a chance you will, but it will be generally, I think, around her showing the fans that she didn’t know what was going on and to try to kind of redeem herself in their eyes so that they could move forward with her,” she added. 

As for Erika and Tom’s ongoing divorce, Dana doesn’t believe it’s a sham. Instead, she thinks it’s Erika’s way of jumping a sinking ship.

“My position on Erika getting the divorce wasn’t that it was a sham. They came up with the sham concept as a way that Erica was trying to hide assets was the allegation being made,” Dana said. “And I don’t think that was what she was doing. In fact, I think she was trying to separate herself from the debt cascade that she knew was coming, you know, that she wouldn’t drown in it.”

“Because it’s a 50, 50 state in California and she had no prenup, I would imagine that her biggest concern was to inherit the debt that he was going to inherit as his partner, which then would bankrupt her,” she added. 

Dana also believes that Erika’s past played a huge role in her decision to leave Tom.

“She’s had a tough life,” Dana explained. “There’s no question about it. A young mom with, you know, having a baby that young, working as a go-go dancer before Chasen’s then working as like a waitress like that’s a tough time.”

“And you know, this was, I think, you know, I think she has a survivor instinct, and she saw this coming down the path and was like, I’ve got to get out now, quick, as quick as I can,” she said. 

To conclude, Dana weighs on Erika’s current Instagram strategy amid her and Tom’s ongoing legal and personal drama.

“So I do not, and I cannot understand what she’s doing on her Instagram. Like she did the Game of Thrones post. I mean, what was that? Like she’s the dragon queen or something like, I don’t get it. So what does that mean? And like, I’ll survive this, like the war, she doesn’t survive. By the way, if you watch Game of Thrones, she dies at the end, by her lover, which I thought was really weird. Like I’m like, why would you use that parallel? You know? So I don’t know,” Dana explained.

“… I think she meant to be like, queen, you know, here I am the queen. I dunno, like I’m going to win the war or whatever. I think that was her point. Although it was really weird. And then, of course, all the glam shots are really strange. I don’t get it. I just don’t understand why she would be presenting that, you know, like nothing’s happening when it so obviously is,” she added. “I mean, I just think she should come out and say a position, which is at this time I can’t take a position, but out of respect for the process, I’m going to take a break on Instagram. It would only help her because if it’s going to create mystery around what’s happening, which is going to make her all the more popular.”

“But at the same time, she doesn’t incriminate herself and civilly or, you know, otherwise. And she’s also not rubbing, you know, if it turns out there is liability, she’s not rubbing her high cost, fashion, glam squad s**t on everybody who doesn’t want to see it right now. Cause she comes off like a real jerk,” Dana quipped. 

Erika announced was divorcing Tom after 21 years of marriage in November 2020.

Meanwhile, a source tells Us Weekly that Erika is “not holding back” while filming season 11 of RHOBH.

“She’s going to tell her story, and she’s not going to hold back. In the past, when they filmed, Erika protected Tom at all costs, but this time around is going to be different,” the source revealed. “Rinna has been her biggest support among the cast.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return for season 11 in mid-2021.

Thoughts on Dana’s comments? Do you think Erika will eventually be fired from RHOBH? Sound off below!

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