RHOC Finale Recap!

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We made it to the finish line OC fans! This season has been cut short due to Covid but if you ask me, it was enough drama to fill the entire season (and upcoming reunion.) So where are we this week?

Well to start off, we all know that Covid was hard on a lot of couples and the OC duos seem to have dealt with the lockdown the worst. Shannon and John are rumored to be on the rocks and we all know that Braunwyn and Sean are hanging on by a thread. So how do the couples of Orange County cope? By having the annual end of the year OC bash (which Emily is hosting at Elizabeth’s for some reason.) While Emily is planning the party, Gina stops by to gossip about mad Queen Shannon who calls her friends 24/7 and you never quite know what your going to get (depending on how much tequila she’s had.)

Shannon is across town freaking out about Sophie going off to college, oblivious that the other ladies are worried about her relationship with John. Shannon is focused on getting Sophie (safely) off to college; however Sophie seems ready to spread her wings far, far away from the OC. Shannon and John seem like a solid couple in front of the cameras; however you never know what goes on behind closed doors (and the two both like a strong drink.) If the other ladies say there is something off with their relationship, in Housewives world where there’s smoke there is usually fire.

The day of Emily’s party is here and while it’s a casual beach party, Shannon is pulling out all the stops which in Beador speak is three layers of Spanx plus what looks like industrial strength tape to suck everything in. How in the heck does she plan on using the bathroom with this Medieval torture contraption?! Someone who is going the opposite route is Braunwyn who is showing a LOT of skin and both her husband Sean and (maybe girlfriend?) Shari salivate over her. Sean clearly wants his wife to himself and watching him while he is watching Shari and Braunwyn giggle in bed like two sorority sisters is uncomfortable.

The ladies start off with fun and laughs at the beach, but Braunwyn shortly feels left out as the other ladies gravitate towards the shot table. Braunwyn reveals that she is studying to be an addiction specialist so I don’t blame her for not wanting to be close as the debauchery goes down. Despite not drinking, Braunwyn can’t stay out of drama due to her big mouth and issues with the rest of the ladies. Shannon isn’t happy with her for talking about John while Kelly is frustrated with her for not adding up to make sense.

Braunwyn is in the hot seat and the ladies go around to hash out their issues with her, and it’s everything from investigating her costars, hating Newport Beach and lying about her complicated love life. Braunwyn admits to loving both Sean and Shari and she can’t give an definite on who she wants to be with until she works out her issues on her own. The other ladies are beyond confused, and you can’t blame it on the alcohol as we are all confused as well. While Braunwyn may have a lot of issues, at least she’s not calling a fake Vince Neil to impress her costars.

The men of the Orange County join the ladies just in time for the end of the year toast and of course we get our annual wrap up. So how do we end this season? Gina is happy with Travis and finally found a decent hairstyle in time for the reunion, Braunwyn is dating g girl named Kris but still married to Sean, Elizabeth is divorced, Shannon is still with John, Kelly got married to Rick and Emily lost weight after her battle with Covid (and loves her new hip!)

Not the strongest season but for filming during Covid I’d give it an A for effort – what were your thoughts?

Thoughts on this season?

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