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The Alleged Truth Behind Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill’s Friendship Fallout Revealed Plus See Carole’s Response to the Claims!

The end of Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill‘s friendship was one of the most confusing and shocking friendship fallouts in Real Housewives history.

If you recall, one minute Carole and B were as thick as thieves, but by the beginning of season 10, their friendship was full of issues that seemingly came out of nowhere. In the end, Real Housewives of New York fans really never got an answer on what caused their friendship to breakdown.

Now, new light is being shed on what allegedly really went down between Carole and Bethenny.

According to a Reddit post from Hunterhunted9, “the real issue” between Bethenny and Carole “was Cassandra Grey.”

If you’re wondering who the f–k is, Cassandra Gray, well, she owns/runs the beauty/skincare site Violet Grey.

The drama all started in Spring/Summer 2017 when Bethenny, who “had been angling for a solo production deal” from Bravo, “finally got the go-ahead…to film Bethenny and Fredrik.”

Apparently, “Bravo wasn’t interested because Bethenny can’t carry a show” on her own.

While B was initially happy about her spinoff show, things quickly went downhill early into production. “Bethenny and Fredrik weren’t getting along,” revealed the source.

Apparently, B “pissed Fredrik off so royally” he vowed to never work with her again.

With Bethenny knowing her spinoff show wouldn’t be getting a second season, she then began looking for new options to get a “solo production deal,” and she tried to use Carole’s contacts to do so.

In May 2017, “the husband of Carole’s friend Cassandra died. He was the CEO of Paramount.”

As we know, “Carole spent much of the summer” in California. Now we know that she spent that time staying with Cassandra, helping her mourn the loss of her husband.

According to the source, “Bethenny kept pushing Carole to get an invitation to hand out with Carole, Cassandra, and Brand’s friends and contacts,  who could help Bethenny get a production deal.”

The Skinnygirl mogul was reportedly “desperate” as her show with Fredrik was “falling apart.”

Naturally, Carole “wouldn’t” extend the invite to B “because she thought it was inappropriate.” This didn’t sit well with Bethenny; however, Carole “didn’t realize things were going awry until filming” for season 10 started.

While Carole wouldn’t introduce B to Cassandra and her late husband’s production contacts, she did give Bethenny her personal contacts to help create her charity, B-Strong Disaster Relief, which is who fans see Bethenny with on RHONY.

When it comes to Carole and Bethenny’s season 10 drama, the source confessed that “Carole was blindsided” by Bethenny’s issues with her. The source also says that “Bethenny’s changed attitude” toward Carole “had nothing to do with Tinsley [Mortimer], Adam, or even [the] charity work.”

Instead, the source insists, “It had everything to do with Carole not doing everything Bethenny thought Carole should be doing to help Bethenny become more famous.”

After this report started making waves on social media, Carole responded to it. However, her response is quite perplexing and doesn’t confirm or deny the claims.

“Wow, and to think I appeared on the Frederik show. Producers begged me to do that scene in the eyeglass store. Damn, had I known it all. Ugh,” Carole tweeted.

Days earlier, Carole commented on the bias Andy Cohen and Bravo showed to Bethenny over her during season 10.

“I hear you….fighting with the cast is silly but against the Bravo machine is something else. I was told I “could not talk about the Bravo machine,” Carole said in response to a fan tweeting, “We all saw the bias even with Bethany & @CaroleRadziwill.” 

RHONY will return to Bravo for season 13 in 2021.

Thoughts on this report? Do you think this is why Carole and Bethenny’s friendship fell apart? Sound off below!

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