RHOC Recap: The Unmasking of Elizabeth Vargas

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I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! We’re in the weird days between Christmas and New Years so if there is ever a time to lay around in your pj’s and watch The Real Housewives of Orange County it’s now. The ladies are still at Lake Arrowhead, and if you have childhood memories at summer camp that trigger you – don’t watch this episode. These ladies clearly have that gossipy/talk behind their back mentality that we all experienced at summer camp; however these are grown women and not twelve year old girls.

We start this episode out with Elizabeth having a full on panic attack at the thought of her past growing up in a religious cult. The story is pretty dark and we did a recap of her interview with Heather McDonald which you can read by clicking here. Say what you want abut Braunwyn, but the girl knows how to talk people through a panic attack and get to the root of the issue. Why can’t we see more of this Braunwyn vs. the internet sleuth/blowing up at her family side we normally see?!

Also working through issues is Shannon Beador who has to move out from quarantining with her boyfriend John due to testing positive for Covid. Their relationship is clearly going through a rough patch; however with John still testing negative it’s best they work out their issues from a distance (more than six feet.) I’m sure her girls are going to be thrilled that their mom is quarantining with them, as nothing says calm and rational like Shannon Beador quarantining during a pandemic when holistic supplements are scarce.

Back at Lake Arrowhead, Elizabeth is opening up on a whole new level…..and it’s dark. I have a lot of respect for Elizabeth being this vulnerable and also for getting herself and her family out of the religious cult in which they grew up. Elizabeth clearly has a lot she needs to work through and I sincerely hope the ladies respect her trust and don’t talk about her behind her back on this, as to open up took a lot of bravery. After a day of some heavy soul searching, the ladies relax by cooking and of course some cocktails; however Shannon calling to tell them they may have been exposed to Covid is certainly a buzzkill.

The next morning, the ladies freak out over eggs as Covid is getting very real and scary, with Shannon and her daughter having problems breathing. Braunwyn reveals that while she is taking quarantine seriously, she has included her BFF (and wife?) as part of her quaren-team. It’s a bit odd that Braunwyn calls Shari her wife, and that they would open their quarantine circle to include her family. I guess this is Braunwyn’s way of gently telling everyone that she is a lesbian; however with coronavirus running rampant, no one really cares.

The next week, Emily is rejoicing as after eight days Shane is coming home from the hospital, much to the excitement of his family. Shane is wheeled out by a nurse and I have to say, seeing this episode really shows the heroism of the medical and front line workers. They should get all the credit in the world after everything they have been through this year. To all of our readers who work in the medical field or have been essential workers during quarantine – Thank you!!!

Despite a worldwide pandemic, these ladies can’t help but be petty as a game of telephone is played after the trip. Shannon is confused as to why Braunwyn blamed the internet sleuthing on her while Emily needs filled in on the gossip to keep up with the group. Eilzabeth and Jimmy are working on proceeding with their relationship as Elizabeth admits that opening up on her past ended up being the best thing for her.

Also working on her relationship is Braunwyn who has one of the most confusing setups in housewives history. Braunwyn is still married to Sean; however had her BFF/wife Shari move in with her (during quarantine.) Braunwyn admits that Shari makes Sean jealous which raises eyebrows as to the real nature of their relationship. If Sean claimed to be interested in men and had a mysterious man move in with them – I have to think that Braunwyn wouldn’t take it well either.

Until 2021 my friends – stay safe and healthy!

RHOC airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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