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Caroline Manzo Says Teresa Giudice Still Holds a Grudge Against Her Because She Didn’t Have Her Back Against Melissa Gorga on RHONJ

Shedding new light!

Caroline Manzo is shedding some new light on her long-running feud with Teresa Giudice.

It’s no secret that Teresa and Caroline were once as thick as thieves; however, around season 3 and 4 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, their long-standing friendship began to crack. The two ultimately became sworn enemies when Caroline left the show following season 5. Since then, the two have consistently shaded each other whenever the chance arises.

The two former co-stars reunited in late 2019 to film a 2020 Superbowl commercial for Sabra hummus.

The former RHONJ star is opening up about what it was like to reunite with Teresa for the commercial.

During an interview with Life After Bravo, Caroline explained that she reached out to Teresa ahead of filming the Sabra Superbowl commercial to clear the air and make sure they could be civil while partaking in this “amazing opportunity.”

“I made it a point to reach out prior to filming so we could go and put our best foot forward because this is an amazing opportunity for the brand and ourselves; we have to give them our best,” Caroline explained.

Caroline says Teresa “didn’t want to meet, so we had a phone conversation.”

“She was very matter of fact. ‘Caroline, I’m a professional, and I’m fine. I don’t care, and I don’t want to talk about anything.’ And I’m like, ‘Teresa; I never did anything to you.’ I’ll stand by that. At that moment, [I told myself,] ‘Pick your battles, Caroline. You’re not going to win.’ It’s not even about winning; it’s about being civil. So, I said, ‘Fine,'” Caroline said.

She then asked Teresa, “What did I ever do to you? Can you tell me what I ever did to you?”

Teresa told Caroline, “You didn’t have my back with Melissa [Gorga].”

“So that’s why you’re mad at me?” Caroline asked, to which Teresa replied, “Yes.”

Caroline explained to her former friend and co-star, “‘But Teresa, they never did anything to me. Why would I hate on someone who never did anything to me? It doesn’t make sense.'”

“The reality is she’s very close with Melissa now. So, why do you still have beef? What’s your problem? That should have been let go a long time ago. Why are you still so angry?” Caroline noted in the interview. “Can I give her the argument now that you should be grateful to Bravo for bringing them on [RHONJ] because that ultimately brought you back together? Am I right? If you look at the relationship now. So, Why are you still holding that grudge?”

The former Manzo’d With Children star then revealed that she and Teresa weren’t actually that close when they signed on to do RHONJ. Caroline points out that Teresa was very close with her younger sister Dina Manzo and her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita.

“I knew her very, very casually,” Caroline admitted. “I’m a lot older than all of them. She was friends with [Dina and Jacqueline]. She would come over every now and again to swim in the pool and whatever with Gia at the time, who was the only child she had.”

Caroline adds that she tried to become a “big sister” to Teresa; however, their relationship began to change “when it became a competition for her.”

“It was always Teresa, Caroline, Teresa, Caroline,” the former RHONJ star confessed. “I was just doing my thing. I didn’t care. To this day, I defy anybody to say I was anything but supportive of her.”

Caroline said she tried to “help” Teresa during her family drama with Joe and Melissa Gorga but says her advice fell on deaf ears.

“I’m trying to make you understand what you’re doing; how you’re hurting people – your friends, your family, your world,” Caroline explained. “I’m trying to help you. I’m not bullying you. I’m trying to be a big sister to a degree. I’m trying to help you. It was taken completely the wrong way.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey will return to Bravo in early 2021.

Thoughts on Caroline’s comments? Do you think Teresa and Caroline need to bury the hatchet for good? Sound off below!

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