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RHOP Reunion Preview: Ashley Darby Reacts To Recently Unearthed Video of Michael Grabbing a Producer’s Butt During Season 1 Plus Andy Cohen Denies Ashley’s Claim That Said Producer Wasn’t Bothered By the ‘Innocent’ Joke

Facing the music!

Ashley Darby is finally being confronted about that recently unearthed video of her husband Michael Darby grabbing a producer’s butt during season one of the Real Housewives of Potomac.

In a preview for part 2 of the RHOP season 5 reunion, Andy Cohen questions Ashley about Michael’s behavior, including that now-infamous butt grab.

“Ashley, an old clip has resurfaced from season 1; it must have been at Charrisse’s birthday party, of Michael squeezing the ass of a producer,” Andy states. “This is certainly relevant given everything that happened last season.”

“When you saw the video, did your heart sink a little bit?” Andy then asked.

“No,” Ashley admitted. “Because I know the context. It’s not that serious to me. This producer was very funny, very flirtatious with Michael in a not very sexual way, but they had this fun relationship. Michael meant no harm. And if you ask that person, it was a very innocent joking thing.”

However, Andy disagrees, revealing, “We asked him, he said it wasn’t consensual. He was a little mortified by it.”

“That’s funny,” Ashley fired back. “He definitely calls my husband Zaddy but okay.”

Candiace Dillard then chimes in, pointing out, “He also has a job, and he wants to keep his job.”

“I brought that up last year at the reunion,” Robyn Dixon interjects in agreement. “So that is the incident I was referring to.”

“If him grabbing the producer’s butt and him grabbing whoever else’s butt are true, then why is grabbing the camera man’s butt untrue,” Candiace then questions.

During season 4, Michael was accused of sexual assault by a cameraman of the show.

Back in September 2018, RHOP cameraman Orville Palmer claimed, in court documents, that Michael “grabbed and groped” his backside during filming. The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

As for Michael denied any wrongdoing and insisted he “bumped into the cameraman.”

“That’s the point,” Andy adds in agreement. “It seems damning.”

Ashley disagrees, saying, “He had no relationship with that cameraman. He would not do that with someone he does not know.”

“Girl, he did it,” Candiace insists, to which Ashley replies, “No, he didn’t. The people who allegedly saw it signed affidavits, and they didn’t see anything.”

“Like the letter you wrote that was bullshit,” Candiace added. This was about the letter Ashley detailing Candiace’s and Ashley’s season 4 fight, which resulted in Candiace swinging a knife at Ashely. Ashley wrote the letter to support Monique Samuels in her legal battle with Candiace following their season 5 fight that turned physical.

“It was true. It’s a depiction of what happened chronologically,” Ashley fired back as Monique entered the conversation, saying, “I have it if you need it.”

Check out the full preview below!

Part 2 of the RHOP season five reunion airs Sunday, December 20,  at 9/8c on Bravo.

Thoughts on this preview? Is Ashley a little too nonchalant about Michael’s behavior? Sound off below!

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