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Candiace Dillard Calls Monique Samuels’ Reunion Read ‘a New Low’; Says RHOP Is a ‘Vat of Toxicity’ and Doesn’t Think Monique Deserves to be on the Show Anymore Due to Her ‘Unethical and Violent Behavior’ 

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Part one of the Real Housewives of Potomac season 5 reunion left everyone with their jaws on the floor thanks to Monique Samuels’ iconic read of Gizelle Bryant.

Said moment didn’t sit well with co-star Candiace Dillard, who is now speaking out about how she feels the memorable moment has tarnished the franchise.

“I wasn’t so much defending Gizelle as defending what was right,” Candiace told Page Six. “What was being done, what was being said by Monique, was just below the belt. It was a new low for all of us. I would even go so far as to say for the franchise.”

At the reunion, Monique accused Gizelle of faking her relationship with ex-husband Jamal Bryant for a storyline on the show and further claimed that Jamal was actually in a relationship with another woman. 

The read of all reads went down when Monique pulled out her binder of texts and screenshots and hinted that she could “call out his phone number? I’m sure she knows his phone number is” to prove her claims, as well as the texts, were legit. After Monique gave out the number, Gizelle confirmed that it indeed was Jamal’s cell phone number.

Candiace continued, “It was a general disgust with what she did. How are you able to sleep at night thinking and behaving this way? Are you proud that you spent God knows how many hours using your husband’s printer and ink to put this book together? It was a new low for us.”

While Karen Huger and Ashley Darby have been Team Monique ever since Monique and Candiace’s physical brawl went down, the rest of the RHOP cast has stood behind Candiace, leaving the group quite divided.

According to Candiace, she feels that Ashley and Monique’s friendship is questionable. She claims that Monique and Chris Samuels once talked a load of smack about Ashley and her husband, Michael Darby.

“[Samuels’ husband] Chris even went so far as to say ‘I’m going to say this about Michael, but if you ever repeat it, I’m going to deny it,’” Candiace revealed. “I cannot remember what he said after that, but that in itself is telling. I don’t need to lie about that.”

As for Karen, Candiace admits she still feels betrays by the Grand Dame’s actions. She hints that fans will see how things play out between the two during the remainder of the reunion.

“You can say whatever it is you need to say to smooth it over, but I’m looking at your actions,” she insisted, “because as they say, actions speak louder than words. Karen’s actions from the beginning of this toxic fight and afterwards has been very difficult to peg and trust. I don’t see how we come back from that place.”

When discussing who should and shouldn’t return for season 6 of RHOP, Candiace reveals that she believes Monique should exit the show.

“I’m not an executive, it’s not really my place to say who should be invited back or not, but if you just look at the chain of events and her behavior over the past year, she spread rumors and false information about the fight. We know that she’s paying bloggers, we know that she’s influencing bloggers,”  she argued.

“The show has just become a vat of toxicity, and I won’t blame it all on her because we all play a part,” Candiace confessed, “but if you look at the grand scheme of things, Monique is the toxic piece of this puzzle, and I don’t see a path forward for her with the majority of this cast. I don’t think that, based on her unethical behavior and violent behavior that she deserves this platform anymore.”

Part 2 of the RHOP season five reunion airs Sunday, December 20,  at 9/8c on Bravo.

Thoughts on Candiace’s comments? Do you think Monique hit a new low during part one of the RHOP reunion? Sound off below!

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