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Karen Huger Denies Saying Wendy Osefo Wasn’t Pretty Enough To Be On RHOP; Slams Gizelle Bryant For Spreading a ‘Bold Faced Lie’

Setting the record straight!

Karen Huger is setting the record straight on Gizelle Bryant‘s claims that she said Wendy Osefo wasn’t “pretty enough” to be on the Real Housewives of Potomac.

The drama started on December 13, during part one of the RHOP season 5 reunion, when Gizelle revealed that during the cast trip to Monique Samuels’ lakehouse, Karen revealed that she wasn’t a fan of Wendy.

“Karen, in Newburgh, you pulled me to the side, and you said to me, ‘Gizelle, I don’t like Wendy. Wendy does not fit this show,'” Gizelle shared.

The Grand Dame insisted Gizelle’s claim was “a lie” and clarified, “I said, ‘I’m having challenges connecting with Wendy,’ and that’s it.”

Wendy then chimed in and revealed why she believes she and Karen didn’t hit it off immediately.

“I believe the reason Karen didn’t take to me is because I didn’t come to her as ‘I want you to mentor me, I look at you as a big sister,'” the RHOP newbie said. “I didn’t kiss her ass.”

However, Karen disagreed, saying, “That’s her opinion, and it’s wrong.”

She then revealed that she would like to start fresh with Wendy.

“Wendy and I had a rough first year, so for me, this is day one,” Karen said. “You don’t have to come to me anyway, but as Wendy, and I accept you.”

The drama didn’t stop there. In fact, it only intensified later that night on Bravo’s Chat Room when Gizelle claimed that Karen said worse things about Wendy.

“Karen said, you know, ‘We have the most beautiful Housewives franchise.’ That’s what Karen says,” Gizelle alleged. “‘And Wendy does not fit. Wendy is not pretty enough to be in our group.'”

She added, “I don’t like when women talk about each other’s appearances to the point of ‘you’re not pretty enough.’ No, Wendy is drop-dead gorgeous. The end.”

Karen shot down Gizelle’s claims on Twiter, saying, “Hi Wendy, I was shocked and horrified to hear Gizelle on the chat room tonight; make up a [bold-faced] lie saying that I made Derogatory comments about your appearance/looks.”

She continued, “I think you are a beautiful woman, and I caution you that Gizelle lied to you at the lake house about what I said before with the floozy comment. If her lies caused you any pain this evening, you should know that Gizelle will hurt someone else to get to me. Gizelle has done this before. Sorry, she made you the subject vindictiveness.”

To wrap, Karen then took direct aim at Gizelle, tweeting, @GizelleBryant knows she is lying, and she can only get away with these lies by saying them behind my back. My response face to face would prove her words a [bold-faced lie]. Her blatant abuse of @bravochatroom is exposing her true self.  Very sad and telling. Pray for her #rhop.”

Part 2 of the RHOP season five reunion airs Sunday, December 20,  at 9/8c on Bravo.

Thoughts on Karen’s tweets? Do you believe that Karen said Wendy wasn’t pretty enough to be on RHOP? Sound off below!

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