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Emily Simpson Slams RHOC Co-Star Braunwyn Windham-Burke After She Admits To Hitting Her Husband Sean

Emily Simpson is taking her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Braunwyn Windham-Burke to task on Twitter.

“Tonight on #RHOC, Braunwyn excuses her behavior by acting like a victim of the people and circumstances around her, not to be confused by previous episodes where she excused her behavior by acting like the victim of the people and circumstances around her,” Emily tweeted. 

One fan quickly pointed out that Emily has “zero understanding” of what Braunwyn is going through while trying to stay sober and that she has “zero room to judge period.”

However, Emily disagreed wholeheartedly. She fired back, “A parent striking another, and in front of kids? I’m going to speak my opinion.”

Another fan called Emily and the rest of the RHOC cast out for being “being heartless bullies” for trashing talking Braunwyn, who is “clearly dealing with sh*t… sh*t none of y’all are dealing with.”

“I support love too. I don’t support physical abuse, let alone in front of children,” Emily replied.

This condemnation from Emily comes after Braunwyn revealed on Wednesday night’s RHOC that she has hit her husband, Sean Burke, multiple times.

“I just, I lost it. I lost my temper again with Sean belittling me over the vacuum cleaner,” she explained. “Instead of being like, ‘Yeah, I’ll help you’ — ’cause he’s still going to the office. He’s still working. He’s still getting out of the house — instead of helping, he made fun of me, and I lost it, and I smacked him.”

“I haven’t done that since we were in Aspen,” she admitted.

In her confessional, Braunwyn admitted it wasn’t the first time she hit her husband.

“I have hit Sean a couple of times in my life. Nothing though like what happened in Aspen,” she said.  “I hit him across the face, and I hit him hard. I wanted to go drink. I was angry, and I was lashing out, and Curren saw it.”

“Looking back, it was a side of me I’ve never seen,” she said. “It was bad.”

Later in the episode, Braunwyn confessed that being quarantined due to the Coronavirus pandemic was taking a toll on her sobriety and married.

“I feel trapped in my house. I feel trapped in my marriage. I feel trapped emotionally and physically,” she confessed.

Sean has yet to publicly comment on Braunwyn’s confession from this week’s episode of RHOC.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on Emily’s tweets? Were you surprised by Braunwyn’s confession about hitting Sean? Sound off below!

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