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RHOC Recap: The Vow Renewal

Hello OC fans! It’s been a pretty heavy season so far but we start off hot and steamy this episode seeing Kelly and Rick in bed together. Officially the scene no one asked for – thanks for that Bravo.

We move right along to our new reality, with the corona virus heading to the OC. Despite the threat looming at this time, it hasn’t hit them yet so Gina and Emily can still exercise and socialize like normal people (oh how we miss those times!) Gina is debating on whether she should make a victim statement against Matt and at the end of the day she decides she needs to, just as long as she has Emily there to support her.

We move over to Braunwyn and she is socializing with Elizabeth to determine who her real friends are. The two of them can commiserate together as the two of them have been surrounded by ‘yes people’ and now are cleansing their circle. Braunwyn shockingly thinks Shannon deliberately served tequila as a way to get her drunk; however I think Braunwyn is stretching with this one.  Has she ever seen any party in Bravo history? There is always alcohol around and most certainly tequila.

Later that night, Shannon, Elizabeth and Gina meet for dinner with their men and the conversation turns to doomsday prep for corona virus. It’s all laughs right now as no one can foresee that we would still be in quarantine as of November 2020. Sigh. Gina opens up about attending AA with Braunwyn and while Gina can find it in her to forgive her, Shannon is still waiting for her apology. The ladies discuss he vow renewal and Gina and Elizabeth make their own vow not to drink; however Shannon isn’t going to let sobriety rain on her party.

Over at Positive Beverages HQ, Kelly apparently thinks she has invented water as no one else can get into the water business (is she calling Fiji Water to tell them this?) Shannon Beador is adding water to her Real for Real line and Kelly is not happy that the water industry has another housewife in the mix. On from one mess to another, Braunwyn is across town visiting her mom Dr. Deb which never goes well. Dr. Deb is a treat as always as she tells her alcoholic daughter that she isn’t as fun after giving up drinking and I think that says everything you need to know about their twisted relationship.

The day of the Windham-Burke vow renewal is here and the ladies (and Shane) are traveling by bus to Palm Springs to celebrate. The ladies booze it up on the way as they are fearful of surviving a dry wedding. When the ladies get word that there will be zero tequila at the vow renewal, they make a liquor run to remedy the situation. If they can’t’ attend one event without tequila maybe they need to examine their drinking habits as well. #JustSaying.

Not to anyone’s surprise, the vow renewal brings drama as Kelly and her posse confront Shannon about her alleged water business. Kelly naturally looks like a fool as it’s a tincture, not water, and even if it was water Positive Beverages didn’t exactly invent H2O. Fortunately things are lighter as Braunwyn’s officiate is a larger than life drag queen and it’s an overall fun, family affair. Naturally Sean gets a new statement necklace from Braunwyn and Braunwyn gets a ring. The children chime in and give some extremely awkward vows to their parents including Sean running away with an underage girl. Yikes.

RHOC airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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