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Kelly Dodd Calls Braunwyn Windham-Burke A ‘Poser and a Loser, Who Has Never Done Anything With Her Life’

The drama continues!

The drama in the OC is never-ending – and it all seems to be happening off-camera!

Braunwyn Windham-Burke recently revealed that she is not speaking to any of her Real Housewives of Orange County c0-stars.

According to Braunwyn, an “ideological divide” occurred during the pandemic that left her on the outs with the group.

“I have a lot of thoughts on [Kelly Dodd],” she told Digital Spy. “I’m saving most of them for the reunion, but Kelly and I are diametrically opposed right now with our ideology. I think everyone knows that.”

“I have to say that the pandemic separated us physically, but I didn’t know how much it was going to drive us apart. It’s been very hard to keep my mouth shut. Part of the thing you do when you’re on this show is you let the story play out for the viewers,” she continued.

“I’m keeping my opinions to myself for now, but watch the reunion. Because yeah, I have a lot of thoughts.”

It’s no secret that Kelly has caused quite a bit of controversy since the pandemic began. Not only has she made wildly outrageous and false claims about the COVID-19 pandemic. She also mocked the Black Lives Matter movement by wearing a hat saying ‘Drunk Wives Matter.’

However, now Kelly is taking her feud with Braunwyn to a whole other level.

On Instagram, Kelly called Braunwyn a “poser and a loser, who has never done anything with her life on her.” 

Yet, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Kelly then took her dog for a walk in the neighborhood she shares with Shannon Beador and Braunwyn. While on the walk, she passed Braunwyn’s house and showed off the mother of 7’s license plate and car on Instagram.

“Here’s Braunwyn’s house, and I’m walking my dogs – Braunwyn’s lived here for two years. Why do you still have Florida plates, Braunwyn?” Kelly asked. “Rick just moved here from New York; he had to get California plates. Are you not paying your taxes, Braunwyn?”

“Hypocrite!” Kelly yelled.

Braunwyn quickly caught wind of Kelly’s video. She took to her Instagram stories and slammed Kelly’s actions.

“A lot of you let me know that my children’s safety was on the line, and instead of DMing me – Sean and I and some friends are going through Instagram and Twitter to take these down as fast as we can because it really is frightening to know that my kids are unsafe. That crosses a line, and it’s not ok. So instead of DMing me or Instagramming me, if you could just press report – it says that it’s inappropriate or it’s harmful – that would be so much more helpful. That’s what we’re doing tonight. I don’t know where they’re going to end up. I know it’s out there; that would be really helpful if you could just report it, so thank you,” Braunwyn said.

But Kelly wasn’t backing down and jumped back on Instagram to defend her behavior.

“I was just showing Braunwyn’s Florida plates,” Kelly insisted. “When you have a Florida plate, the address is linked to that Florida address, so I didn’t show her address.”

“I just showed fake plates – she’s lived here for two years. And it’s not linked to her California address, and plus, we live in the Porched streets, and her house is so distinctive, if anybody were to come here, they would know where she lives,” she added.

She then directly told Braunwyn: “So please, don’t be a victim.”

Kelly followed up her video with a post on her Instagram page.

“What’s more dangerous, me showing a dark house and a license plate linked to a Florida address where Braunwyn doesn’t live… or her calling me a racist and homophobic in a nationally televised interview?” Kelly wrote. “She’s already shown her home on TV and advertised the neighborhood where she lives. I revealed nothing except her out of state plates and more of her phony life. #victim #fake #phony #liar#thirsty #whackjob#braunwynwindhamburke #hypocrite#hypocrisy.” 

Season 15 of RHOC airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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