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RHOC Recap: An Unexpected Guest

I know we’re all excited about the new girls of SLC, but let’s not forget about the OG’s! We’ve got vow renewals (that never go well in housewives history), a sober housewife and sad homes. So where to begin?

Well only in the OC will you see women cleaning the cat’s litter box using a Louis Vuitton bag and at the same time have another housewife shopping at Wal-Mart. Emily and Gina discus Braunwyn’s outburst, and while they feel for her they are not a fan of Sean getting involved while at the same time question Braunwyn’s authenticity.

Over at Braunwyn, she is preparing for her son Jacob’s drag debut and Braunwyn is in fashion heaven helping him pick out a dress. Props to both Braunwyn and Sean for being supportive as even Braunwyn admitted he is still figuring himself out. Jacob’s truth has inspired Braunwyn to stick to her sobriety as this is where she feels the truest to herself.

At Shannon’s, Shannon is dealing with the aftermath of her divorce and reflecting on how her children have been affected. Shannon tears up thinking of her children hearing her and David fighting as she remembered what that was like as a child. Shannon’s eldest is writing a book about children and divorce and she definitely has a knack for writing as the title is gold (even if she was being sarcastic.)

On to happier subjects, Kelly and Braunwyn are wedding dress shopping for Kelly’s upcoming wedding and Braunwyn’s vow renewal. While Braunwyn is going for the fairy princess look, Kelly is pained to be trying on anything white as she feels embarrassed she is walking down the aisle for the third time. Don’t worry Kelly – i n the housewives world that’s nothing. Wear white all you want girl!

We learn more about Elizabeth Vargas this episode, and I’m touched with how honest she is about her sister’s addiction and how she is helping to care for her nieces. Addiction is an awful thing to watch someone close to you go through and I can tell how pained she is by it. I also give her props for her ladies luncheon, as even if she didn’t impress Shannon Beador she put in genuine effort. Maybe next time just leave the price tags off? The ladies discuss the upcoming vow renewal and while Gina decides she is not going, Shannon is going to pull it together for the kids. Braunwyn clearly is ruffling feathers this season so it’s starting to become obvious as to why she is not on speaking terms with the other ladies.

Gina and Braunwyn meet to discuss their issues before attending an AA meeting together. Braunwyn admits that Sean manages her image and that the two had formed a very dysfunctional and co-dependent relationship. Braunwyn admits that one of the reason she had so many children was that it was a way to stop her drinking and I think Gina’s face says it all. It’s a pretty shocking thing to say and I’m surprised Braunwyn would say something like that so casually while on camera.

Over at Emily’s, we get a blast from the past as Lizzie Rovsek is visiting and the two are creating a flattering bathing suit for plus size women. It’s good to see Lizzie again and am I by myself when I say I would love to see her  on the show again? The two plan an unveiling of the suit at Elizabeth’s beach house which undoubtably will bring some sort of drama.

Gina’s house is full of excitement for her daughter’s Sienna’s birthday; however there is tension in the air as her ex Matt is visiting. Matt finally makes his Housewives debut and it’s clear that Gina is super uncomfortable and considering their history, it’s a miracle he’s allowed inside the house. Gina has decided to give an impact victim statement which is brave of her; however she also wonders out loud hw this may affect her children.

RHOC airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on all the drama?

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