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Jenny McCarthy Calls Shane Simpson a Loser Right In Front of Emily Not Realizing It’s her Husband – Then Refuses to Apologize!

Well, talk about awkward.

After yesterday’s episode of RHOC, Emily Simpson and Jenny McCarthy were the guests on WWHL. While the pairing seemed innocent enough, things to a very awkward turn when playing a shady game of ‘Whose the Bigger Dork?’

The rules were exactly what you would think them to be: Guests were given two options and forced to decide who was dorkier. First up was Shane Simpson vs. Sean Burke. While Emily naturally blurted out Sean, Jenny McCarthy was hesitant claiming it was “so hard.” When Emily yelled at Jenny, stating that it shouldn’t be that hard, Jenny replied stating, “I know – because they’re both dorks, they’re both huge losers. But I’m going to go with Sean.” While everyone seemed super uncomfortable with her response, Jenny seemed oblivious to what could be going wrong with her answer.

After host Andy Cohen pointed out to Jenny that Shane was Emily’s husband, Jenny covered her mouth in shock, finally realizing her faux pas. Emily was visibly upset (and who wouldn’t be) stating “you just called my husband a loser right in front of me. Wow.” Instead of backtracking, Jenny could be seen cracking up while Emily looked pissed and uncomfortable. Andy tried to control the situation by telling production to move on as the game clearly wasn’t going well.

Andy then gave Jenny the stage to give her the opportunity to try and apologize to Emily for calling her husband a “huge loser” and “dork” on national television. However, instead of apologizing Jenny tried to justify her response saying “Let me defend myself. Your first season, he was kinda dick-ish. He didn’t have your back, he looked like he wasn’t there during all your dinners – I was like ‘give this girl some support.'”

Realizing that Jenny was just digging herself a bigger hole by pointing out all of Emily’s husband’s flaws in addition to the verbal insults, Andy rushed into a commercial break, clearly uncomfortable for poor Emily. Take a look at the cringeworthy clip below:


Fortunately, both Emily and Shane took everything in stride (and even had a little snark.) Emily responded to the video stating that Shane was “not bothered because he’s a Carmen Electra fan anyway.” LOL

I’m not a Shane Simpson fan but who wants their husband to be insulted on national television (and for Emily, this isn’t the first time it happened!) I feel Jenny should have apologized and moved on; however fortunately Emily seemed to take everything in stride.

Thoughts on Jenny’s comments? Do you think she should have apologized?

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