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RHOC Recap: The Aftershock

Who needs some election detox? Well you’ve come to the right place if so! In the OC there will be no talk of red and blue states, electoral votes and recounts. We all need some mindless entertainment so what do the ladies have in store for us tonight?

Well in classic Orange County style drinks are thrown, tears are cried and females yell (and yes, househusbands get involved.) Braunwyn storms out after being called a sloppy Chihuahua and throws a glass before storming out. After calming down and having a 1-1 with Gina, Braunwyn can’t force an apology regarding her husband so the two call it a day. Braunwyn is embarrassed for revealing her alcoholism in such a public manner and calls Kelly aside to talk while the other ladies do shots (totally appropriate after someone reveals they are an alcoholic.)

Braunwyn storms off jus in time, as the party turns sloppy as shots are taken and everyone gets pretty drunk. While Braunwyn struggles at home by going on the treadmill to burn off steam, the other ladies are happy that she’s gone as they feel she was being a troublemaker. I am impressed as to how supportive Sean is to Braunwyn as he drops everything to take her to an AA meeting, no questions asked. While the party rages on, Braunwyn and Sean drive to an AA meeting as Braunwyn seems to be hanging on by a thread.

Over at Gina’s, she is still navigating co-parenting; however she seems to be co-parenting with Matt’s new girlfriend vs. her ex-husband. Hey – whatever works! Matt (finally) makes his OC appearance (at least via phone) and he agrees to come to his daughter’s birthday party at Gina’s. After everything Gina has been through I’m happy to see that the two can be civil for the sake of their children and both have moved on to (hopefully) healthier relationships.

Emily and Gina meet up and discuss the A word we keep hearing this season – alcoholism. Gina reveals that her father is an alcoholic and is now 9 years sober after going through some very rough years. Emily also wonders out loud if Braunwyn’s nannies are just a team they employ to enable her drinking. Gina ends up agreeing to go to an AA meeting followed by coffee with Braunwyn as she has sympathy for her as she knows a lot about alcoholism. The ladies sure have a lot to say about Braunwyn and I do feel they should be more supportive of her, considering they saw first hand how difficult detoxing for her is.

Back at Braunwyn and Sean’s, the (progressive couple) is preparing for their 20 year vow renewal (which Braunwyn vows to do sober.) Hasn’t Braunwyn ever watched Bravo? Doesn’t she know vow renewals are the kiss of death?  Nevertheless, Braunwyn calls Shannon to re-invite her to the ill fated event, and after a heated conversation, Shannon agrees to come. Braunwyn won’t let this sad house comment go and honestly – it’s not a big deal. Agree to disagree and move on. Gina doesn’t care so why the hell do we?!? Spoiler alert – we don’t.

RHOC airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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