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Dana Wilkey Dishes On RHOBH Casting Process Plus Reveals That Lisa Vanderpump Called Her Chubby Multiple Times During Season 2

Dana Wilkey can’t help but continue to spill tea about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The season 2 friend of the Housewives is now dishing some dirt on the RHOBH casting process. Dana’s also spilling some tea on some mean girl behavior from former OG Lisa Vanderpump.

When it comes to the RHOBH casting process, Dana says that most newbies start as friends, and then over time, producers decided who will be upgraded to full-time and who will remain a friend of the Housewives.

“So I really thought Sutton [Stracke] should have been a Housewife in season 10 and should have been one in season 11,” Dana confessed. “She brings some really cool shit to the party, and she’s fun.”

“However, she was not downgraded as a Housewife to a friend. Okay, that doesn’t happen. Your contract when you start is that you’re a friend, and if you perform, you become a Housewife. So what that means when producers cast her, they asked her a bunch of questions, and she seemed to have some dirt on or insider intel on one of the cast members on the show. And they thought she was going to bring that drama for the season, and then she didn’t. Then on top of that, the [ex] husband wouldn’t shoot, the kids wouldn’t shoot because of the divorce,” she explained.

“At the end of the day, they left her a friend, and they never upgraded her. What do they care? They are going to be paying her less, and she’s still performing. Then in season 11, they still left her a friend, so now the only thing she can hope is she’ll be upgraded to a Housewife like Brandi,” she added.

Dana also revealed that she filmed a tagline and opening sequence with a diamond during season 2. She says Bravo does this to everyone and that “they keep you guessing until the bitter end!”

Meanwhile, Dana also claims that Lisa Vanderpump called her chubby multiple times during season 2 of RHOBH. She then revealed how she ultimately got revenge on the RHOBH OG at the season 2 reunion.

“I have a funny Lisa Vanderpump story since we are on the topic. So, Lisa, in season 2, kept calling me chubby. Now I was like 5’3 and a half, a 120-pounds so I’m not super thin like Camille, who’s 110-pounds. And I’m thinking to myself; this chick isn’t that thin. I mean, in real life, she isn’t that thin. I go with it because she’s an OG,” she explained.

Dana continued, “What ends up happening is I go to the reunion, and the producers are like ‘Dana, you’re so nice, and you need to bring it. You need to not be so nice.’ And so they are like revving me up and shit. So, they showed this video of Lisa’s ass getting stuck while she’s jumping over balconies with Adrienne. Her butt is so big it can’t get through the crack to jump it. So, I shout across the stage, ‘I may be chubby, but at least my ass didn’t get stuck in a patio.'” 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return for season 11 in mid-2021.

Thoughts on everything Dana had to say? Are you surprised LVP called Dana chubby? Sound off below!

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