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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Details her Rock Bottom, Plus Says Some Castmates Tried to Tempt her into Drinking!

This season seems to be focusing on Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her journey to sobriety. The OC Blonde caught everyone off guard when she announced that she was an alcoholic in the first episode and vowed to be sober moving forward.

In a raw and no holds barred interview with E! News, Braunwyn spoke with a writer who committed to living a sober lifestyle around the same time as the reality star, and the two discussed their journey and what sober life has been like this past year. When discussing rock bottom, Braunwyn revealed the moment she knew she needed help which occurred during a lady’s luncheon. Per Braunwyn:

“We met at 11:00—Nieman Marcus has a restaurant, you know, fancy ladies at lunch kind of place. My girlfriend called me to see if I needed a ride, and I said yes because I was already drunk. It was 9:00 in the morning and I was too drunk, couldn’t drive. I remember thinking, “Oh, good. Now when Sean comes home, I have an excuse for smelling like tequila in the middle of the day.” I kind of would look for that. “Oh, no, I had a couple of drinks with my girlfriends. That’s normal.” Not, “I’ve been drinking all night and I’m drunk at 9:00.”

“I don’t remember a lot of it. I guessed, though, because I called one of my friends the next day and said, “Did I do anything that was embarrassing?” And she was like, “Yeah, you did.” And this was the first time that she had said this. This was one of those friends that always protects you, like “Oh, it’s fine. You’re fine.” And she was like, “Yeah, no. That wasn’t good.” These are mom friends, not close friends, and I wrote them a text message. I didn’t think it through, I just said, “I’m so sorry. I have a problem. I’m gonna get help for it.” And I knew that day, like, OK, this isn’t good.”

Although Braunwyn admitted she needed help then, she was scheduled to go to Miami (for Rick Leventhal’s birthday) she wasn’t ready to commit to being sober yet:

“I had this trip planned to Miami, and I’m like, “OK, I’ll go, but I won’t drink.” And that lasted maybe 10 minutes after we got off the plane. But, you know, I’m in Miami. And the first night, it was fine. I was out with some other Housewives from other cities. First night was fine. Second night was the big party. Got a little less fine. The third night, I don’t fully recall. This is when I was drinking around the clock. I had called a few friends I don’t recall calling that were very worried about me.”

“And then the last night, I knew I had to fly home. We were flying home, and I hadn’t stopped drinking. It was bad. I would start to shake. And I just had this moment, you know? That divine God shot, or whatever you want to call it, of “Go talk to your husband.” He’d been mad at me because the last 40 hours of drinking, I didn’t leave the hotel room because you can’t. At a certain point, you’re so drunk, you can’t be around people. You just want to be alone, drinking. And I told him what was happening, how bad it was, and that I had to stop drinking. He literally sat on me because I was shaking so bad.”

Braunwyn went into detox mode and chronicled how painful (physically and mentally) it was for her saying:

“Detoxing is painful if you haven’t been through it. It’s not that you want to drink, it’s that you have to drink, at a certain point. And that was January 30th. I flew home. And (Sean) said, “If you have one more drink, you’re not going on this trip with us, you’re going to rehab.” And I don’t know why it worked this time. I don’t know what it was, but that was the last day I drank.”

Despite her commitment to be sober, Braunwyn admitted a family vacation was the wrong time to go through it adding, “I went to Beaver Creek, skiing with my family. It was a disaster. Detoxing on a mountain is not a great idea. Detoxing with seven children, not fun. I was psychotic. It wasn’t pretty.”

Despite calling and getting help from Below Deck’s Captain Sandy and VPR’s Lala Kent, Braunwyn stated that she didn’t get the same support from her OC co-stars. Without giving names, Braunwyn states:

“I don’t know what you’ll see, but I know what happened. There were times where certain cast members would say, “I liked you better drunk,” or put tequila under my nose and say, “You’re not a quitter. Take a sip.” It was like, “Wow. Wow.” One of my friends on the show was calling our mutual friends, trying to get dirt on me. “Oh, is Braunwyn drinking? Is she doing this for the show?” They actually thought I was making it up just for a storyline, going behind my back asking people for photos of me out and drinking.”

Despite Sean encouraging her to be sober, Braunwyn admitted it was hard on him and that they are still working out what their marriage will look like moving forward:

“With Sean, it’s been hard. We have a very co-dependent relationship. Very. So he’s working his own program. I think we had to realize that it wasn’t just me, that there’s a lot of things in play here after 26 years that we’ve kind of fallen into. So he’s working his program, I’m working mine. “

Wow – no one can say that Braunwyn is holding back. She has been extremely open and I’m curious how much of this journey we will continue to see this season on RHOC.

RHOC airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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