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RHOC Recap – the Splash Heard Around the OC!

Hello OC fans! We’ve got new ‘wives, old feuds and rampant rumors – and trust me, it’s going to go down this episode.

We start with Shannon and new new beau planning a lemon party (because in the OC anything counts as a party) and the two are worried about Emily as a party guest. Shannon tears up while discussing their history and we get the classis Beador stutter as she she attempts to make sense of their relationship. If Shannon can make peace with Kelly, Emily should be a breeze.

Across town, Gina, Kelly and Elizabeth meet for drinks and while they cannot discuss Elizabeth’s divorce, they can discuss her (lack of) sex life with her boyfriend Jimmy. The topic changes to Shannon and Gina feels hurt that Shannon would allegedly talk so poorly behind her back; however Braunwyn is the messenger so stay tuned as there is more to the story. The ladies ironically make a toast to the year 2020 which they assume will be a great year; however we are now in Q4 and spoiler alert – it sucks.

Over at the Windham-Burke’s, Braunwyn is four weeks sober and is going through some highs and lows but is still managing her house of nine. Braunwyn laments to Sean that her biggest regret is letting her kids see her in her worse state; however vows to turn it around. I’m guessing Bravo cameras did not capture the worst of her behavior as I honestly didn’t know how bad her drinking was. If she’s saying that her kids witnessed her downward spiral firsthand, I can see her immediate need to get sober.

Braunwyn is taking her sobriety  seriously as she picks Shannon up to see Dr. Moon after her AA meeting. One of the steps in the program is apologizing to those that you’ve hurt and Braunwyn admits to Shannon that she threw her under the bus with Gina. Shannon denies ever saying Gina’s casita was sad or depressing; however Braunwyn is sticking by her story. So much so that she even says Shannon told her she would deny it if Braunwyn said anything on camera. I honestly don’t know who to believe so hopefully one of these two ladies has some receipts as right now it’s impossible to tell who is telling the truth.

The day of Shannon’s lemon party is upon us and you would think the hostess would be the nervous one; however it’s Braunwyn who is as she will be attending her first party sober. Gina arrives first and instantly pulls Shannon aside to confront her about the rumors and fortunately for Shannon believes her right off the bat. The two squash the beef instantly and I had to do a double take, as issues never get resolved this quickly in the OC.

Braunwyn arrives and is greeted with tequila so instantly exits stage right. Fortunately Kelly takes the spotlight off her by calling Shannon’s father the “big d*ck daddy from Cincinnati.” Nice Kelly. Braunwyn and Shannon sit aside to discuss the alleged ‘sad/depressing’ comment and it’s clear that Shannon is going to deny this until someone has actual receipts. Braunwyn is holding strong saying she is sober so now has the memory of an elephant; however no one is believing her. Between the text from Sean and her feud with Shannon, Braunwyn is finding herself on the outside of the group (literally) as she storms out of the party after throwing her (non-alcoholic) drink.

RHOC airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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