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Erika Girardi Gets Into a Feud on Instagram After Refusing to Give Bravo Fan Account Credit For a Meme!

Perhaps Erika Girardi is just feeling grouchy due to being stuck inside during the the pandemic?

Mrs. Girardi continues to not give any f**ks as she recently refused to give credit where credit was due.

In a series of comments captured by the Instagram Account Comments by Bravo, all hell broke loose when The Pretty Mess posted a meme comparing the infamous Housewives pink suit dress to the Pink Ladies from Grease that was originally created by the BrandsbyBravo account:

After Erika took the idea and ran with it – the account (politely) requested to be tagged which set off that switch in Erika that we’ve seen before. Erika responded to the account by stating “Actually it’s not your photo. It’s Bravo and Paramount’s photo. Cute meme though.”

The account then responded by saying she was a huge fan of Erika’s and did tag Bravo; however wanted credit for her idea. Erika then went full force, telling the account telling them to get more original ideas, stop bothering her and even called the show she starred on boring. Take a look at the exchange below:

The madness then continued with Erika saying that she needed to credit Kyle Richards who took the original photo (although Robyn Dixon naturally wouldn’t have been in the photo.)

Erika proved just how petty she can be by then going back to the meme on her page and credit Kyle Richards as the photographer, not acknowledging the photo was edited with Robyn in it or giving credit for the Grease photo:

I understand Erika’s sentiment that nearly everything is stolen on social media these days (and it has got out of hand) but I don’t understand the bitterness. Maybe just tag the fan account and move on with your day next time?

Thought’s on Erika’s exchange? Do you think her reaction was over the top?

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