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Vicki Gunvalson Slams ‘Narcissistic & Selfish’ Shannon Beador; Says Shannon’s Friendship With Kelly Dodd Is the ‘Biggest Crock of Reality Bulls—t’ Plus Says Season 15 of RHOC Will Be A ‘Big Joke’

The Tres Amigas are no more!

The once strong friendship between Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunavlson, and Shannon Beador is OVER for good.

As we previously reported, Shannon recently opened up about the demise of her friendship with Tamra and Vicki.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shannon said, “I am not the person to sink down to a level to argue with people — that I consider close friends…I just feel like I have a little bit more decorum than they do. I don’t wanna engage with them, except to say that the things that they’ve been saying, especially Tamra, it’s a laundry list of things that aren’t true.”

Shannon also insisted that she would be nuts to reach out to Vicki and Tamra after they spent “months on end bashing” her in the press for ending their friendships.

“I take the high road in those situations, and I’m gonna continue to do that,” she continued. “I really have no reason to be around them anymore. We live, like, 45 minutes away from each other, so it’s not like we’re in the same social circles or anything like that. I don’t know when I would ever potentially run into them again.”

As far as ever rekindling her friendships with Tamra and Vicki, Shannon said, “I suppose I should never say never, ’cause I’m one of those people that have said, ‘I’m done!’ And then we’re friends, and Kelly Dodd might be an example of that. So, never say never, but for now, I don’t, I have no desire.”

Tamra came out swinging against Shannon in response to the above interview, calling Shannon a hypocrite and a liar.


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In my experience loyal friends don’t constantly tell you “ IM A LOYAL FRIEND” if they do…. they are full of self-deception! Turning your back on a friend because they live 45 minutes away and don’t party in your circle anymore , isn’t any kind of friend in my book. Loyal friends are there for you when you’re going through hard time, ask you how your kids are doing as their dad fights cancer, asks if you need help when your husband is having heart surgery , cries with you & accept you for who you are during good & bad times. your actions will always speak louder than your words! #alwaysthevictim #onesidedfriendshipssuck please stop saying you’re a loyal friend! Your ET interview was filled with hypocrisy & lies and if you want to keep it up I’ll bring out receipts! #yourloyaltyistothespotlight

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Now, the OG of the OC is speaking her peace, and she’s NOT holding back at all.

“I find it very interesting that Shannon is doing press about the upcoming season- which neither Tamra or I are in- and deciding that we are necessary topics of conversation. I suppose it shows how relevant we still are to the show- and how front and center we are in Shannon’s frantic mind- for her to need to continue to bring us up. While I could simply suggest she call Dr. Moon to calm her down or take another colonic, I’m going to address this since she decided to mention my name,” Vicki told Celeb Magazine.

“I was always there for Shannon and let’s not forget how even when she turned on me and was so blatantly nasty to me, I still was there for her and was willing to let the past go when she finally got over being mad at me (which again was for something I had no involvement in but she decided to blame me for),” Vicki continued. “She should be thanking me for even bringing this franchise about, or she wouldn’t have a platform to be on, but instead, she decides to do interviews where she denigrates and insults me still.”

She then added that “If Shannon really considered me a ‘close friend’ as she claims in this interview she did today, where have the calls been since I announced I was no longer going to be on RHOC? Where have the visits been? Where was she when Tamra revealed Simon was battling cancer? Nowhere. Shannon is a selfish, narcissistic, ego-driven person who only cares about herself.”

Vicki then claimed how much she was there for Shannon, especially during her rocky marriage to ex-husband David Beador. She also hinted that her previous allegation claiming that David abused Shannon was completely truthful.

“When she needed ears to lean on when she was going through her issues with David- which, to be clear, even though she claimed I was lying about the abuse I never was, and I still stand 100% behind what I said back then- Tamra and I were consistently there for her. We were her shoulders to cry on many a time.  It’s like she forgets that happened and wants to rewrite history.”

As for Shannon’s newfound friendship with Kelly Dodd, Vicki said, “And to think she’s now friends with Kelly Dodd? That is the biggest crock of reality bulls—t I’ve ever seen. Kelly Dodd legitimately called her fat on television and made fun of her- not to mention had issues with ‘Mrs. Roper’ from day one- and now they’re BFF’s? Please. This is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen.”

She also bashed Shannon for trying to keep up with the Joneses in Orange County after being forced to downgrade her lifestyle when David stopped footing the bill.

“Shannon is ALMOST right on one thing, though,” Vicki revealed, “which is that we don’t live in the EXACT same area. She claims we live about 45 minutes away from each other- which is actually 30 minutes, 20 on a good day- but she wouldn’t know because she rarely came out to visit me.  I live in the country in over a $3 million home that I can afford, and have no desire to live in Newport Beach and attempt to keep up with the Joneses.”

“I am an independent, self-made woman who is able to afford to live a certain lifestyle, and I love living in the country,” Vicki continued. “Others, like Shannon, want to ‘keep up’ but then had to downgrade their lifestyle once their husband stopped paying all the bills. Sorry, not sorry- the truth hurts. And that’s 100% correct. Perhaps she should try running companies like I do and working to buy multiple homes and making a life for herself instead of depending on a man to do that for her. It’s downright pathetic and sets a horrid example for her daughters- though I guess when your ex-husband forbids you from drinking around your daughters, this can’t be the first bad example you’ve set for them.”

To conclude, Vicki made it clear she believes season 15 of RHOC will be a complete joke. Vicki also took the opportunity to bash Kelly’s many public faux-pas and Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s marital problems.

“This season is chalking up to be such a big joke, and I am happy to say I’m no longer a part of this hot mess. You have Kelly Dodd mocking COVID and wearing hats that say ‘Drunk Lives Matter,’ you have Boring Wind and her ‘modern marriage’- whatever that means, you have the miscasting decisions that were Emily [Simpson] and Gina [Kirschenheiter], and you have wackadoo Shannon who really needs to check her ego and remember where she came from, where she started, and who was there for her all along.”

“I have no intention of returning to the show but rest assured that if I ever did- Shannon and I will have words,” Vicki wrapped. “And that is not a threat; it’s a promise. Shannon said it herself on one of the episodes- and I quote- ‘I look like a wackadoodle.’ Keep talking about Tamra and I in this way, Shannon, and you’re living up to this description to a tee. I highly suggest you shut your mouth and keep our names out of it. Love, your former Tres Amiga.”

Season 15 of RHOC premieres on Wednesday, October 14, at 9/8c.

Thoughts on Vicki’s interview? Do you think season 15 of RHOC will be a joke? Do you think Shannon tries to keep up with the Joneses? What do you think really went down between Shannon, Vicki, and Tamra?

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