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Let’s Discuss – RHONY Reunion Part 3!

Happy Friday New York fans! We’re onto part three of the reunion (if you need any refreshers click here)  so let’s begin!

We start out discussing how RHONY is the place where friendships go to die, as Ramona’s friend Elyse was brought on the show to have her back; however the opposite ended up happenings. Andy compares Elyse to Barbara K. as the two were ‘friends’ of the housewives that were brought on by stars of the show; however, ended up backstabbing them as soon as the cameras were rolling. Say what you want about Ramona, no one wants a friend like that:

We move onto Sonja who is having difficulties with her international/luxury/lifestyle brand (when is she not?) however is making it through the pandemic due to her online sales. If ever was there a time to lounge around in a gray, cashmere Sonja by Sonja Morgan jumpsuit – it’s now. Sonja reveals that she is also downsizing as her iconic townhouse is a money pit; however, the ladies insist on one last soiree to cap off the end of an era:

Dorinda continues her half assed apology tour by trying to explain her bizarre freak out at the finale party. Even Andy Cohen is perplexed as to why the mere mention of Tinsley’s name set Dorinda off; and all the housewives have to agree that it was odd. Dorinda tries to explain that she was upset Tinsley quit halfway through; however, did end up calling Leah to apologize. The issue seems to be glossed over; however, after hearing from Tinsley I do think Scott lending John money was the real root of her deep disdain for her:

Dorinda continues to be in the hot seat (while Andy gets bored and reads a novel) as Lu grills her on her comments towards her. Dorinda doesn’t have a great answer as she continues to deflect and is unable to get a straight answer. It’s clear that Dorinda has anger issues that come out when she drinks, and I think that’s one of the big reasons that Bravo decided not to ask her back:


Well, that’s it, ladies and gentlemen! Don’t get sad that it’s over – we still have RHOSLC and RHOC to look forward to this year!

What were your thoughts on this season? Any suggestions on casting for next season?

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