RHOBH Cast and Producers Tell Denise Richards To Stop Acting and ‘Get Back To Reality’ – See The Entire “Bravo, Bravo, F—ing Bravo” Moment

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“Bravo, Bravo, F—ing Bravo”

It’s the moment Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have been waiting for since the very first episode of season 10.

We are FINALLY getting a full look into Denise Richards’ now-iconic “Bravo, Bravo, F—ing Bravo” moment.

It all starts when Denise Richards and Kyle Richards get into an argument – that ends with production being pulled in.

Denise accuses Kyle of being judgy towards Dorit Kemsley. If you recall, Kyle was pissed at Dorit for showing up late to Teddi Mellencamp’s retreat. Kyle took issue with Dorit spending hours getting glam and doing a photoshoot instead of arriving on time to the event.

Kyle explains that Dorit’s actions “rubbed” her the wrong way.

The then got into a heated discussion over whether or not Denise had worked the day of Teddi’s event. Denise says she did, while Kyle insists she didn’t.

In her confessional, Kyle explained that “on-camera” Denise said she had been working, but “off-camera” told the group that she hadn’t been working, which is why Kyle wanted to “clear up the misunderstanding.”

That’s when Denise got super pissed and defensive. Kyle then hinted that maybe Denise had an “another story” with one of the RHOBH producers.

“No, there’s not another story,” Denise clarified. In her confessional, Denise says that Kyle is “lying” and is trying to “throw” her “under the bus.”

That’s when Denise yelled: “Bravo, Bravo, F—ing Bravo.”

She told the ladies and production: “I’m not doing this, you guys. I’m done. We are not doing this.”

Erika Girardi chimes in, in her confessional, and wonders: “I mean, Are there two sets of rules here? One for Denise and one for the rest of us? What is it that she thinks is going to happen when she yells, ‘Bravo, Bravo, F–king Bravo.’ There is no script here. There is no stopping. There is no starting.”

She adds, that “We can’t even pee” without producers listening.

Denise then insists that one of the RHOH producers named Chris comes over to the table.

“I need Chris [indecipherable word], or I’m out, “ Denise demands.

“It’s a control thing,” Lisa Rinna explains in her confessional. “It’s not just Denise Richards; it’s Denise ‘F–king’ Richards saying ‘I can do whatever I want. I am a movie star. And if I don’t want to do this, I’m not going to do it.'”

“On a reality show, you just don’t do that,” Rinna continues. “You’re not an actor. You’re yourself, sharing your life. And if you don’t want to do it, then don’t f–king do it.”

Back at the table, Denise tells Kyle: “You’re doing this on purpose,” to which Kyle replies: “I swear to you I’m not doing that.”

Denise continues to demand the producers and film crew stop rolling.

A producer finally steps in, saying: “Denise, you worked in the morning, and you came late. We know it all. Don’t worry about it. Get back to reality.”

“Are you joking?” Denise tells the producer before insinuating that Kyle and the producers are trying to make her look bad, a claim Kyle denies is valid.

Check out the clip below!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return for season 11 in mid-2021.

Do you think Denise was trying to control the narrative on RHOBH? Was she acting? Were producers trying to make her look bad? Sound off below!

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