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Danielle Staub Claims Teresa Giudice Lived in a Trailer During Season 1 of RHONJ; Says Tre Filmed Her Confessionals at Jacqueline Laurita’s Franklin Lakes Home

Danielle Staub may be done with the Real Housewives of New Jersey forever, but that’s not stopping her from continuing to talk about her former co-stars.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Absolutely Danielle, the former RHONJ star, made some wild claims about her former friend and co-star Teresa Giudice.

According to Danielle, the season one finale party that Teresa hosted, you know where she flipped a table and called Danielle a “prostitution whore?” Yeah, that one. Well, according to Danielle, that party was Teresa housewarming party for her then-new Montville mansion.

SIDENOTE: I looked on Hulu, which streams all the seasons of RHONJ, and the season one finale dinner is described as Teresa’s end of the year party.

“It was supposed to be, and it was advertised as ‘Teresa Giudice’s housewarming party.’ I’ve had had several housewarming parties. I’ve been to several, I’ve had a few of my own, I should say. And, not for nothing, they’re at your home,” Danielle explained.

She continued, “That’s why it’s called ‘housewarming,’ but then again, Teresa’s little brain cannot function on its own. So, I’m sure that she thought it sounded like a great idea to hide the fact that she didn’t really have a home that she was moving out of.”

Danielle then claims that Teresa was living in a trailer during season one of RHONJ.

“She was living in a trashy trailer with linoleum floors—no offense to people who have trailers. I’ve seen some beautiful trailers. I’ve seen some beautiful modular homes. This wasn’t one of them,” Danielle claimed. “I’ve seen, you know, people that are proud of where they live no matter what the conditions are. You take pride in it.”

Teresa never took pride in it, or she would have showed it on a reality show instead of filming at Jacqueline [Laurita] ’s house all the time. Even her interviews were at Jacqueline’s house,” she concluded.

As for proof of her claims, in typical fashion, Danielle has none.

If you recall, in the season 2 episode ‘Country Clubbed,’ Danielle told Teresa, “I saw the house you lived in, Teresa, before you moved into the mansion” to which Teresa replied, So, what bitch. I live in a five million dollar home now.”

If this “Teresa lived in a trailer” story is real, I think Danielle would have blurted it out during season one or two of RHONJ. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but it seems convenient to make these claims ten plus years later.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey will return to Bravo in late 2020 or early 2021.

Thoughts on Danielle’s latest claims? Do you believe that Teresa secretly lived in a trailer while filming season one of RHONJ? Sound off below!

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